Cool! A Review & Interview For My Novel MEGAN

MeganRecently, writer and blogger S.M. Nystoriak reviewed my novel MEGAN. This is how she described MEGAN in her review:

A blend of whimsical fantasy and modern day reality, Southard’s writing takes the reader through Megan’s life. Megan, the character, is unhappy with the lot she has been given in her modern day life, and she escapes into her imagination at will to the World of Prosperity, where she is Princess Megan, and has a whole fantasy world at her disposal. Much like Alice’s world of Wonderland, Southard has created the World of Prosperity, where the sun battles the moon for control on a daily basis, and the inhabitants of Prosperity have unique problems all their own.

I am very impressed with how Mr. Southard has interwoven the two world’s of Megan. It is very artfully crafted with vivid descriptions. I enjoyed it!

Afterwards, Nystoriak asked if I would give an interview about the book for her website Writer’s Block. In the interview, I discuss my history as a writer, my books and my inspiration for this novel. You can read it here.

I hope you will check out the interview and consider reading my novel. It can be found in print via and as an eBook on Google Play (which will work on all eReaders).

Thanks for reading!

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