Are the Oscars Really Necessary? (2013)

I always wondered why the sword...I wrote this post last year about the Oscars called Are the Oscars Really Necessary? This is how the post begins:

The Oscars always make me feel a little queasy. Award shows in general around the arts make me feel that way.

Oh, I’ve won some writing awards (it’s the reason why my books MY PROBLEM WITH DOORS and MEGAN were published- they were both honored in a writing competition), and was very grateful, but it still feels odd to me. I have no problem telling someone that a story they have is great, for example, or another writer that their story needs work, but to say one is better than the other… there is that queasy feeling again.

You can read the rest of the editorial here.

As I stated in the editorial, awards around the arts always make me feel a little uncomfortable… but… in saying that… I hope Argo wins.

4 thoughts on “Are the Oscars Really Necessary? (2013)

  1. I agree. Competition in any of the arts seems just… strange. But while those who produce in the arts might be content with just doing the work, we all need to keep a roof overhead and food and wine in the table. Ask a publicist if Award Spectacles are necessary, and be prepared for a long, ecstatic diatribe. Since the very first storyteller tried to gather people around the fire, there has been the need to beat the drums to bring ‘em running. Marketing is a tough, difficult job, but someone’s gotta do it. Hopefully somebody will figure out a better way soon, though. I need some time to write!

  2. I only watch for the dresses. I know. So superficial. I especially like the worst dressed list – unfortunately the stars are hiring better stylists so the worst dressed list just keeps getting shorter and shorter.

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