Dealing With Children Television…

Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodThere are times I wish I could really turn my critiquing mind off. Put it aside until later or when I am reading a book or watching something more sophisticated.

I can’t.

It’s a curse, and I feel it as a curse each time I sit down to watch TV or a movie with my kids. And while I may have no problem sitting with my kids on the couch, pretending to laugh at the obvious joke, a part of me is screaming to nitpick… nitpick everything!

And many times they deserve it! Come on, The Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot is just asking for it! It’s like those blasted bears are just teasing me!

Which makes this blog a godsend in many way. For here, without my kids knowing, I can take on the things that they love with abandonment. Here I am free.

I’ve written a few times on this site about different kid shows. Many times my focus is on PBS Kids or shows that attempt to educate. While I’m all for education on TV, sometimes odd choices are made under the guise of education, sneaking in what I consider lazy writing under the idea of a lesson. (Yes, I am talking to you the makers of Sid The Science Kid).

Here are six links (and new thoughts) to some of my old (and fun) kid entertainment television articles that you may have missed.

Growing Up in the Neighborhood: Mr. Rogers to Daniel Tiger: My two-year old daughter loves this show, my older son tolerates it. Strangely, he is going through a stage where he wants to watch only Martha Speaks (which has a soundtrack that drives me crazy) and Arthur, two shows I find to be trying a little too hard… and, seriously, what animal is Arthur? I mean, his friend Buster is a bunny, that is pretty obvious, right? But Arthur is… I have no idea. Anyway, this is an article I wrote about my love of Mr. Rogers and the new show.

The Joy and Inspiration of Scooby-Doo: One of the very first things I have ever written for the internet was a piece for a film website. In it, I took on the idea of a live-action version of Scooby-Doo (that totally dates me). I ranted and I stormed about how they were obviously missing the point of the show and its potential… and I was right. In this article I discuss my deep love of the show.

the Kratt BrothersDear Wild Kratts, You Guys Are Awesome: My wife and I have been known to ask our children, in a very subtle way, “Hey, don’t you think it is time to watch the Wild Kratts?” In many ways it is scheduled on the DVR for us. What can I say? I love this show. Also, there is a wonderful iPad game for the show I find highly addictive. It’s all about creating a nature center, which animals, what do they need to eat, etc. Yes, the addition bits in the game are easy for me, but I’ve had dreams of about the best place to put the wolf caves, how near to the moose…

Doubting Thomas… Thomas the Tank Engine: Okay, granted the toys are cool, but the show is a missed opportunity. And seriously, after a certain point you have to wonder why anyone gives Thomas or the other trains anything to do. They always get it wrong! After a certain point the blame needs to fall on Sir Topham Hatt. How does he not see it coming… every freaking time! This show is one of the examples I mean about lazy writing. (The article includes a picture of me meeting Sir Hatt as well!)

Lost on the Street: I wrote this article on Sesame Street a few years ago, and sadly one of my complaints around the show still stands. Why do we make such a big deal about celebrities? And are we teaching our children they should do the same? I don’t yearn for an earlier day on Sesame Street, but I do want a show that is a little more focused and less about parodies.

The unfortunate heroesFighting the Power Rangers… and Losing: It pains me to admit I have lost this battle. My son wants to watch the show, play with the toys, and I think I have made it more interesting by not liking it and telling him that more than once.


I thought only TV dads make that kind of a blunder?

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3 thoughts on “Dealing With Children Television…

  1. Actually a test comment – having trouble commenting. Children’s television used to be better. Now it’s supposed to teach but I find it annoying. I think I liked it better when it was mere entertainment plus Sesame Street.

  2. This is awesome. I don’t have children, but have become quite a connoisseur of the many tastes of children’s television through babysitting. The Wild Kratts are awesome, ever since their debut with Zaboomafoo. Thanks for the info about the video game… Something tells me that I’m about to will my life away to it…

    It’s good that you can’t turn your critiquing mind off. These shows that are speaking to today’s children are always in need of a good critique, especially by parents.

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