For the Love of Disney

WaltOn Friday I made a major sacrifice for me. My wife took my son to see Monsters University while I stayed home.

They needed some alone time together, which is understandable, and I watched the toddler, not at all imagining with extreme jealously the wonderful new Pixar film they were experiencing together.

On Saturday. I went to a wedding for a really great couple, one of my favorites. During the evening, I found myself standing around with a group of parents and the new Pixar film came up. The parents who saw it already fawned over it, one even declared it the best they have done.

Breathe deep, Scott, breathe…

Since starting this site I have written a few times on Disney and my fascination. Here are a few posts to check out:

Have a magical day!

4 thoughts on “For the Love of Disney

  1. I had no particular desire to see this movie, but my kids did, so we tried something new. We dropped our kids (our almost 9 and almost 12 year olds along with another 12 year old friend) off at the theater and walked a block away to another theater to see “Frances Ha,” miraculously playing at the same time. It was liberating, and all writers can probably appreciate this story of a young, floundering artist/dancer–and to the financial reality of making sacrifice’s for one’s passion. But my kids said “Monster U” was great also!.

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