Neat! You can now get my blog for your Kindle!

KindleHey, do you have a Kindle? Do you enjoy this blog? Why not combine the two? It worked for peanut butter and chocolate!

Okay, I have really got to work on my salesman routine. But what I am trying to say is that it is now possible to subscribe to this blog via for your Kindle!

Click here to visit the amazon page:

If you subscribe, every time I have a new post up, your subscription on your Kindle will immediately update as well. In other words, you will be able to read my posts (editorials, reviews, etc.), my fiction (Permanent Spring Showers), and everything else on my site on your kindle whenever you want! No longer will you have to experience my site and writing on your computer screen… You can use a smaller Kindle screen! heeheehee…

I hope you will consider subscribing for this service. And thank you for supporting (and reading) my site.


3 thoughts on “Neat! You can now get my blog for your Kindle!

    • It felt like a cool additional thing to offer some of my readers, those with Kindles of course. I don’t have a Kindle personally (my wife does). I’m more an old-school book person. The website you go to set it up is kindle

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