My Time With Harry, Part One

From, part one of my discussion on the Harry Potter movies–

Recently, my hosts at GreenSpotBlue said, “Hey Scott, you can write about movies if you like.” My first reaction was, well, that is impossible. I don’t really get to go out and see movies anymore. My toddler isn’t ready for the experience of the theater, so the movie going experience was always out of my reach without the aid of a babysitter. And this is really sad because I used to be one of those film buffs that would see each of the films nominated for Best Picture each year… Last year I saw one and it was the kid movie.

Okay, but when the film discussion door was open, what came out screaming before the classics or foreign moves waiting in line… was Harry Potter. Harry Potter zoomed past them like his Nimbus 2000 was on fire.

Before I begin to break down my opinion on each of the films let me lay down my credits as a Potter fan.  One of the first film articles I have ever written was in defense of the first Harry Potter film, I’m an avid listener to Pottercast, and my Christmas tree had three Potter Christmas ornaments on it until my toddler found two of them. (“Daddy, it’s Harry Potter.” “Yes, little one, but why is he missing his hand?”)

The Harry Potter film series…probably the most disjointed film series in history with both great and not-so-great films in its lineup (I’ve always had issues with the idea of different directors coming in with their own unique visions… Well, when they succeeded I didn’t complain). Let me break down each of my brief opinions and let my geek flag to fly fully. I don’t know if I will have anything to say of interest, but I know I am going to feel great for getting it all off of my chest. It’s Potter therapy time!

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