Is blogging still a thing?

I still struggle around this. I do miss writing on the site and sharing my thoughts on a given topic. (Mandalorian is awesome! People are too mean to Star Wars… Have you heard the music of Pink Martini, I am obsessed?) But it is hard in today’s world. The world is burning, who cares what is playing on my Sonos…. Well… I do, but…

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

BloggerIt was not so long ago that I could lose an afternoon writing a 2000-word blog post about a video game I was playing. Another 1400 words on why a TV show annoyed me. (Yes, Game of Thrones I am looking at you.) 2500 words about a musical group that feels like family to me (Paul McCartney and Dave Matthews never show up though or call me). A blog post with writing advice (I did a lot of those). And how about one about a strange thing that happened to me, or something that made me the person I am today.

That was my life for years! And for a while, I was averaging a few blog posts a week. It was a fun time with likes and shares and comments and followers. But now something has shifted and nothing feels the same.

The thing that shifted is not just…

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