Remembering Cool: Resharing Some Posts for an Old Friend


A few days ago I learned that a friend from my college days died.

Sue was one of the heroes in a two-part comedy story I did about my awkward time working in a grocery store bank. Here are the links:

Sue was an artist. She was hilarious with a very dark sense of humor. She was wicked smart. It took me a few months to figure out when she was actually caring about what I was saying or when she was just saving it away for a story she would tell others later. Of course, either way you had her undivided attention.

One of the valuable thing she did for me is show me how someone who is more on the artistic side of things can survive in the real world. And many times since then whenever I was in an office setting I would wonder if I was acting like Sue at that moment.

I lost touch with Sue after college but then a few years ago she found me on Facebook. I verified that everything I said in these two blogpost were correct with her. When she said they were and said how much she liked them I couldn’t stop smiling for days. I felt like that was something I earned. She went on to also read some of my books which made me soar.

Today, I regret not reaching out more outside of Facebook. It would have been interesting for me to see her life since our bizarre banking days. But like most people I always felt like there was more time.

I hope you will check out these blogposts.

Goodbye Sue. You were one of the coolest.

6 thoughts on “Remembering Cool: Resharing Some Posts for an Old Friend

  1. Hi Scott, I know it’s been a while since I have commented on here, but it’s nice to be back.

    I am sorry for your loss. I seem to recall a story you told me about your Grocery Store Bank days, perhaps in an interview we did. And I do remember how comical that story seemed! It’s wonderful that you have that story with Sue memorialized within.

    Take care 🙂


      • Thanks Scott. Susan was the coolest, smartest and most beautiful wife, mother and friend you could have. She touched us all with her “evilness” and to let you know that Satan in deed kick her out. Too evil for her own good. 🙂

      • Hi Patrick,

        I’m glad you didn’t mind me writing here. It was awesome working with Sue. And while you and I never met, everyone at the bank knew your name. It was obvious how much she loved you.

        I wish you the best in this difficult time.

  2. Thanks Scott, indeed she was the coolest, smartest and most beautiful wife a guy could have. Oh, and that “evilness” has touched so many. 🙂

  3. Sue was one of a kind. I miss her so. Whenever I was with Sue I felt like is was in the presence of one of the brightest, most intense flames. We were so lucky to have known her. I am so happy that I get to read your stories and get a little piece of our Sue immortalized. Thank you.

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