The Winter of Urgency: A Writing Update

Even Superman writes!Hi everyone,

So… where do I begin?

I am working with an agent on my new novel and right now we are the midst of the editing process.  I would be the first to argue of the importance of editing. If I only get back grammar corrections, my initial reaction is usually, “What happened?” I like to be challenged as an author, I like to redefine and finetune a work. And my work is always, always better for editing.

That is where I am right now with my new novel and I need to give it my full attention. My belief is that when this book comes out in the future (and I’m sure it will), you will see how special this work is (and it is very special to me).

I’ll be still doing the book reviews and sharing them here. I might write the occasional brief update or thought if something catches my fancy, of course. But for right now this book has to have my full writing attention.

Give me the rest of January. I’ll see you in February.


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