“Vince has IT.” The Review takes on Permanent Spring Showers. And an ebook giveaway!

PaintbrushesToday, my latest novel, Permanent Spring Showers, was given an amazing review by Anna Belfrage of The Review (here). If you have ever been curious about my new book, this is the review to read!  This has definitely made my day and my holiday season. Here is one excerpt I totally got a kick out of:

The story is told through multiple POVs – ten at my last counting. Each of these POVs has been gifted with a distinctive voice – in itself an achievement… He manages all this with impressive elegance, dragging the reader along through a story as multi-layered as an onion.

Oh, and this one:

Mr Southard has written a complicated, twisting story and the fact that he succeeds in bringing it all together is testament to his significant writing skills… Mr Southard has his various creations under tight control – and what an impressive array of characters he presents us with! Add to this fast-paced dialogue, excellent description and a gift for peppering his text with humoristic observations of the day-to-day, and you have a novel that is at times challenging but always rewarding. Very rewarding.

You can read the rest of this flattering review here.

But that’s not all! My publisher, 5 Prince Books, is giving four lucky readers a free eBook copy of Permanent Spring Showers! You can find out more at The Review how you can win.

Permanent Spring ShowersPermanent Spring Showers  is out in both print and eBook, you can find it on amazon.com here. The eBook is on sale for only $3.99.

You can read a sample and learn more about the book via this page.

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