A Portrait of the Author at Age 42

This dudeThis photo was taken by a 4-year old girl
Who ate dad’s b-day cake
Dressed like a Supergirl-

Who has changed her attire
At least twice an hour
Dad almost had to use the washer & dryer-

Who stole yogurt, chips and pretzels too
And said she was too full for lunch
(Even at a quarter past 2)-

Who asked to watch Barbie
And princesses and heroes
But fell asleep twice (by her aged daddy)-

Who made a toy mess that looked like a bomb
The Dad had scratched his head
Wondering how to clean it before mom-

Who danced, kicked and spun
In a pink tutu and tights
To the tunes of Belafonte and Fun.-

…and all before her brother got home from school.

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