“Awesome… anything but ordinary” Booktalk with Eileen reviews Permanent Spring Showers

Paint CansSo than this happened…

My latest novel Permanent Spring Showers just got reviewed by Booktalk with Eileen (which you can check out in full here). This is one of those reviews I used to dream of as an author. There is first this:

Marvelously wrought, Mr. Southard! What an awesome story, woven meticulously perfect until it all comes together where the reader and the actors of this story have their day of reckoning.  It was one of those stories I could see read by an English Literature class and discussed for the many things it tells us about people, their motives, their fantasies, their obsessions, their human spirit.

And this:

Mr. Southard, once again you have taken my breath away.  I couldn’t believe you could write anything as good and soul enriching as A Jane Austen Daydream.  I was wrong.

And then there is this:

There were moments of chuckling, moments of tears, moments of incredulity.  The story gives us hope, the human spirit has no bounds, where the ending could very well be a new beginning, a new direction in life. Grasp it my readers, for nothing is more spectacular and mysterious as the human mind and what it is able to achieve.

You can check out the full review here. (I think I’m going to be smiling for days about this one.)

This is a great time to grab a copy of my latest work. The eBook is only $3.99! You can find it on Amazon herePermanent Spring Showers is published by 5 Prince Books. You can also find out more about it (and read an excerpt) on this page on my site.

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