“A Tour de Force” BooksChatter reviews Permanent Spring Showers

Paint Cans“The overall writing was not only original, but utterly beautiful, flowing, easy to read, witty and funny…”

I’ve been really enjoying the reviews Permanent Spring Showers has been getting. I really felt like, when I was writing the book, that I was doing something out of the mainstream unpredictable sure, but also inspired by some classic works of literature. And in this 5-star review (here) from BooksChatter she really dives into the reader’s experience in my world.

She even shared on the review a picture of a diagram she made connecting all of my characters. I kid you not! And it is awesome!

Here is a description of her breaking down the character of Vince:

“All of the players are somehow related to Vince, who lives and breathes art; who is charismatic, sexy, exceptional, admirable, despicable, romantic, sensitive and a complete bastard all at the same time.  Vince is unique, larger than life and always inspiring.”

At the end of the review, she asked for a sequel. LOL

You can check out the full review here.Permanent Spring Showers

This is a great time to grab a copy of my latest work. The eBook is only $3.99! You can find it on Amazon here. Permanent Spring Showers is published by 5 Prince Books. You can also find out more about it (and read an excerpt) on this page on my site.


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