Five Things I Am Into Right Now, April 2014

UmbrellaSpring should be a time of rebirth, new things to discover. It’s one of the reasons that the summer blockbusters start in this month and Easter is filled with eggs and rabbits. Yet, when I look over my list I notice that much of it is filled with… well… old stuff.

Maybe this says something about me?

Or maybe I just need to stop psychoanalyzing myself?

I do it a lot, of course, but everyone that has a blog does. We are a collection of little self-therapists, the only difference is the world gets access to the notepad. And can comment on it.

Well, speaking as my own therapist, I see on this list a sonic piece of detective comfort food, a need for silly humor, a demon I can’t escape, a cartoon for the kiddies, and a CD that always puts a smile on my face. My diagnosis is that it is a something like a call for Spring, but a comforting one. So maybe I am almost on the right page, just not quite.

 The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

sherlockThis takes me back. For those that don’t know, I am quite a Sherlock Holmes fan. One of my favorite reading memories growing up is the summer in junior high I spent reading the entire library of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing on the great detective.

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a radio series from the 1940’s staring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. I first collected these episodes when they were first discovered (they were once thought lost) and re-released on cassettes back in the early 90’s. Each episode was written by Denis Green and Anthony Boucher, and while the mysteries are never hard to solve, they are a lot of fun and try to stick to the history of the great detective (even doing an adventure when Sherlock was “dead”).

Supposedly, there were 250 episodes discovered, but really only 5o or so have been released to the public. With the popularity of the detective at a high right now, the owners of those recordings should consider options for getting them out to the public (a website with a membership for download is what I would recommend). I’m sure I’m not the only person who would love to hear them and would pay money to do so.

Disney’s Mickey Mouse

Disney Mickey MouseSo a few weeks ago, I was on OnDemand trying to find my kids something to watch. We saw a link to watch the new shorts of Mickey Mouse and I thought, why not? As a parent, Mickey screamed safe choice to me, but what I wasn’t expecting was a piece of comedy genius.

If you have not seen these shorts staring Mickey, you need to check them out. The best way to describe them is Mickey Mouse with a Bugs Bunny style. They are overseen by Paul Rudish who worked on some of the best animated comedy out there (including The Powerpuff Girls). He not only saved all of these characters, he reinvented them for the next generation. This man should be given all of the awards out there. Yes, all of them.

If this was any other show, I would tell you which of them are my favorite, but it would not be fair to you. Just check them out and prepare to laugh out loud… (Okay, I’ve got to say it= The Potato Land episode is amazing.)

Game of Thrones, Fourth Season

Game-of-Thrones-Jon-SnowEvery year, I do this to myself. I have written post after post about my issues with the books and the series, and yet, when a new season comes up (or a new book comes out which is every blue moon), I still get excited. And really, I was almost out!

See, I never liked the Red Wedding as a plot point. It bothered me in the book (and in the show they were able to make it more disturbing), and since its occurrence I have felt like the book series has been almost stagnant with very little moving forward. So here we are at the fourth season, with the series still going strong with the almost-end of the Starks.

Why do I still care? I have no idea. Will I be watching? Yes, damn it.


ElsaThis one is for my daughter who is about to turn 3 in a few days. She loves the music (which I already gave a shoutout to in the past), and the story. I can’t begin to count how many times I have read a book to her about the film. Anyway, this birthday is going to be a big Frozen day.

I can already imagine her post-Birthday, on the couch surrounded by Frozen toys, watching the movie and singing along. Or maybe sleeping with a happy smile on her face.

As a parent I love this film. It calls out the idea of falling immediately in love as silly (sorry Cinderella), focuses on friendship and family, and has strong female characters. Excellent!

Could I have lived without the trolls? Possibly. I am sure I will have this film memorized before the end of the year.

Getz /Gilberto by Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto

Getz and GilbertoThere is a chance I could be driving my family crazy with this CD.

I’m a fan of classic jazz, and right now this album is singing to me more than any other. I’ve been known to go days with this playing on repeat on my iPhone. Right from the classic opening of “The Girl From Ipanema” this CD captivates me.  Yes, the song has hilariously bad grammar (“She looks straight ahead, not at he.”), but there is something so smooth about this album. It’s overall like an experience, not music. A mood with music along for the ride.

The world should be like this CD. Imagine that!

If it was there would be no war, no strife, just a nice feeling of calm and everyone would walk with a little jazzy and sexy sway in their step.

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