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HeadRandomness from the last few days…

Do both Paul and Ringo dye their hair? They are both in their 70s so the answer is probably yes. My wife also believes Ringo dyes his beard. How does one do that?

Because of the Disney film Tarzan, my kids like to run around in their underwear. I’m still working on my counter-argument to this practice because it is kind of hilarious.

I’ve locked down the Table of Contents for my new nonfiction book Me Stuff. Started with two hundred posts (I’ve done over 520 on this site total), then cut it down to 70. Now I’m ending at 30 or so.

I think Georgia font is pretty friendly. I want a friendly font for Me Stuff, one that says, “Sit down, I have a story to tell.”

I’ve been contacting small presses about my novel Permanent Spring Showers. It’s fascinating how many want represented work. The fact that even the small presses are asking for this says A LOT about the size of the market today and how many authors there are out there. Still there are a few presses I am excited about. Fingers are always crossed.

My last book review on Current State (here) is the number 2 story on WKAR’s website! How does that happen? It’s a good review and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is popular, but I’m beating important stories, like the President coming in to sign a bill last week! I’m even beating a story about a new baby moose at the zoo. Let me repeat that- Baby moose!!! The President!!!

I just conquered Batman Arkham Origins on my PS3. I really enjoyed it… a little too much, actually. For three weeks I lived in Gotham City. I would breath Gotham City. I would even dream of it.  Dreams of bat wings…

My kids love watching The New Scooby-Doo Movies which, for those that don’t remember, are episodes where the Mystery Gang would solves cases with B stars from the 70s. For example, my children now know who Sandy Duncan and Sonny and Cher are. Is that a good thing? Still, I am loving this. It’s like revisiting my childhood with bad animation and plot holes.

Georgia font will be probably okay. The more I look at it, it seems fine.

I don’t want Me Stuff to be over 250 pages. That feels like too much for a fun little casual book like I am aiming for with this. It shouldn’t feel like an opus.  There is a nice intimacy with the delivery on many of the stories that I like. Very conversational. A part of me would really love to give readings of this. It would be fun in front of an audience; it makes me think of David Sedaris or what Mark Twain would do back in his day. Now the trick would be finding an audience that would care.

Okay, how does Bruce Wayne deal with all of his injuries? When I play this game he would get shot all the freaking time! He isn’t Superman! Which begs the question how long could Bruce even be Batman? I’m guessing a decade. After that it would be too much, right?

I like the Olympics but I always get a little annoyed with any events that need a judge to say who is the winner. I mean snowboarding is way cool (my six-year old son sometimes screams when a good flip happens), but the result in the long run is in some dudes’ hands, as compared to something simple like a sport with a score or a race.

Okay maybe 15 years, but Batman would have to start in his mid-twenties. Which means he would end at 40… which is my age now. Damn.

We all know The Beatles are in their 70s! This is no surprise there. The TV special was about celebrating the 50th anniversary of their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. They had to be in their 20s then in the very least. So why can’t they embrace the gray? They earned it. They have nothing to prove anymore.

I am not Batman, I never was Batman, and my window of opportunity is probably gone.  My only hope now is that someday I can solve a mystery with Scooby-Doo. My kids would love that. Hey! Even Batman did that… Twice!

I would probably dye my hair too, the more I think about it.

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