My 6 Favorite Blogposts of 2013

First, I want to thank everyone this year for my supporting my blog and writing! Cheers!

It’s been a great year for me with the publication of two books. The year also ended on a high with the publisher of A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM having an eBook sale which put me into the top 100 for the book’s genre (reaching as low as 44). I’m pretty pleased by that. The response to the book over the year has been very encouraging; hopefully more will find it in the next year.

In the next year, I plan to do more blogging (keeping it to about 2 to three posts a week) and focusing on my next book, PERMANENT SPRING SHOWERS. My hope is to find an agent for it soon (fingers crossed). I’m pretty proud of the book and I hope to have it published before the end of 2014. Then there is the inevitable question of “What’s next” to deal with… Well, that is the fun of New Year’s, the possibility of a fresh year ahead.

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

ChampagneEvery year, I like to stop and take a look at my life and the year that just was. And one of the great things about having a blog is it makes it quite easy to do just that! I get all of the highs and the lows, they are all there in easy to read formatting… sometimes even with cute pictures.

How did I feel about being a parent or on a child’s birthday, it is there. It’s like a personal photo album, but it is available for all to share. I just hope I am not that annoying friend who is showing you slides of their last family outing. That is the blogger nightmare, I guess.

Looking back, 2013 has been a great year for me. I finished writing a new novel (Permanent Spring Showers), I had two very well-reviewed books published (A Jane…

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