“Delightful Reading” A Book Giveaway and 40 Reviews on Good Reads for A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM!

A Sketch of JaneToday, my novel A Jane Austen Daydream received its 40th review on Good Reads! This review was a 5-start review (the 2oth) by a reader named Mariana, who wrote:

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading Jane Austen and admires her wit. It is a delightful reading, a biography written “in a Style entirely new”, wittily intertwining the facts (from letters and biographies) with fun and fiction. I found myself for the first time applauding at a book – with standing ovations for Mrs. Catherine de Bourgh. Make haste and add “A Jane Austen Daydream” to your shelves.

Also on Good Reads there is one week left in a book giveaway. One lucky reader will win an autographed copy of the novel. You can enter the book giveaway here. Remember, the book giveaway ends on August 9.

A Jane Austen DaydreamIf you would like to learn more about A Jane Austen Daydream, on the page for the book on this site (here) you can read interviews, excerpts, and editorials. A Jane Austen Daydream is available via Amazon (here) where you can find it for the low price of $3.99 for eBook and $13.46 for print.

2 thoughts on ““Delightful Reading” A Book Giveaway and 40 Reviews on Good Reads for A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM!

    • Thanks! Fingers are always crossed that it will take off. I’m really proud of it and the reaction has been very positive so far. But still waiting for that “moment” that changes things…

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