My Mad Genius Moment: The Thrill of Writing Something Radically New

Mad!!!On June 11, my new book MAXIMILIAN STANDFORTH AND THE CASE OF THE DANGEROUS DARE will be released via in eBook and print. Currently, there is a book giveaway going on for the book on Good Reads which you can enter here (only 7 days left!).

To help prepare for the release of this odd and playful book, I thought it would be entertaining to write on the unique experience I had creating my “monster.”

Every artist has a mad genius moment in their past that they can point to…. And if they can’t, chances are they are still in the midst of it.

My mad genius moment came when I had turned thirty. Let me paint the scene- my wife was in grad school; I was working a lousy evening temp job which made it so I only saw her one to two hours a day, if at all; my literary agent at the time was still uncertain how to represent my books, which I truly loved and thought should have been published yesterday; I was continuously hitting walls when I applied for creative writing positions on the college level; and I was turning thirty, which kept reminding me of how many writers and poets said the best work was created by people in their 20’s…. AHHHHH!!!

For any artist, feeling this level of burden and frustration, how could I not put the white lab coat on, mess up my hair and laugh loudly and evilly?

What came out of my mad genius moment is a book called Maxmillian Standforth and the Case of the Dangerous Dare.

God, I love this book. It might be my favorite of all of my creations.

Maximilian Standforth and the Case of the Dangerous Dare, CoverSeriously, at its heart is the kind of book as a teenager I would have loved to have found covered in dust on a back shelf of a library. It’s a fake pulp mystery/horror hiding within it some of the most experimental, post-modern literary tomfoolery I have ever done on paper.  Every experiment, every idea I had ever had to play with in literature found its ways into those pages.

I know this book is my mad genius moment because I remember so little of its creation. When I think back on the work and writing it, usually I picture myself sitting at a coffee shop, hunched far too over a yellow notepad scribbling wildly, now and then laughing or clapping my hands because of a new idea. This book had to be written in hand, I couldn’t type it. I still have those notepads and they look like something you would see on the walls of an insane asylum in a movie. In the middle of the pad you will see the chapter I am working on (dialogue, descriptions, etc.), but on the margins you will see notes forming around other ideas in the book. It’s like I had two brains working at the same time, one writing the chapter, the other planning the next and the next. Many times, I can’t even read my own handwriting!  Now and then I will have one word with an exclamation point, a point I am sure I understood then but is lost on me now.

So how crazy is this book? Maxmillian… is the fifth book in a now lost series. Yes, fifth (inspired by the fact that all books seem to be part of a series these days). The introduction to the novel actually walks the reader through the plots of the previous four books, many times including excerpts.  Can you imagine what a traditional publisher would have experienced because of this? E-mails, calls, etc. asking where are the other four books??? But for me as the author, I adored this trick, because I could make references to past stories throughout the novel as if the audience knew what I was talking about, but in honesty, they didn’t…. See, mad genius.

MaximilianThis is how I like to explain the book: Maxmillian Standforth is a playboy, aristocrat living in London in the 1860′s. He is a genius (there is that word again) with dangerous tastes and to pass the time solves deadly mysteries, the more diabolical and life threatening the better. The novels are narrated by his carriage driver, Bob, who also acts as his bodyguard. Bob is a lovelorn and sensitive bloke who spends his time worrying about Maxmillian while pining for his lovely maid. In this “fifth” adventure, Maxmillian takes a dare to stay for a week in the haunted McGregor castle. But there, the team discovers more than they had ever imagined.

Looking back, I should never have told my agent at the time I was working on this book, or sent it to her. That package might have been the beginning of the end of that relationship. I remember this moment vividly: I got a call from my agent’s new assistant at the time, whose name escapes me. This is what she roughly said to me, “You have great characters, a really fun genre style and universe, why couldn’t you have told a normal mystery story?”

The question, at the time, dumbfounded me. Most artists during their mad genius moments don’t realize they are in it, and it never occurred to me that others wouldn’t get what I was trying to do with the book. I’m sure I rambled on in my response, probably explaining that to rewrite the book as a normal gothic mystery would be to lose the point of the work. This book was groundbreaking, it was entertaining too! I tried to explain that English majors would eat this up and like at a brunch would keep going back for more helpings (since I filled it with nuggets to encourage later re-readings).

Explaining in today’s pop lit world that a book would be loved by English majors is not a selling point for anyone. Maybe not even for English majors.

Yet, the story of Maxmillian… is not done yet. Even though my agent was putting it aside, once again reluctantly returning to representing my other books, I entered it in a novel competition. It was the first year of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards and Max made the semi-finals! If you do not know about this competition, it is not like normal book competitions out there. To be honest, I hate the structure of it and am not sure of the point of it, but I will do my best to explain it here. The competition begins with an entry of the first chapter of the book. If the judges like it, you are moved into the next round where your chapter is shared on amazon for all to see. Now here is where I question the point of the competition: to move on to the next round, you need to convince others to read your chapter and review it. The only people, besides friends and family, that will check out a book like that are other authors in the same fix believing that you will do the same for theirs, creating an environment of artistic mutual masturbation.

Yes, I just wrote that… let’s move on without thinking about it further.

Anyway, I had no desire to call my friendship card on people (realizing, early on, that seriously I would never convince enough people to put my book into the finals), and I didn’t want to do a bunch of bull crap positive reviews for books I didn’t like so that other authors would write a bull crap positive review of my book (which they might not really like either). God, I hate the premise of this competition… Now, in this first year of the award, Amazon convinced Publishers Weekly to review some of the books, not just the chapter, but the entire thing; and Publishers Weekly reviewed Max!

Did they love the fact that it was a book that was actually trying to do something new? Ah, no.

Did they take my book and my literary experiments instead very personally and attack with guns blazing? The answer is yes.

“Why couldn’t I have told a normal mystery story?”

You would think I burned down the reviewer’s grandmother’s house in their review! This was the wake up call to me that I had written a book that the publishing world was probably not ready for, and may not be ready for anytime soon. My mad genius moment was over. I could take a breath, and see the universe I had created for what it was. A little bit of wonderful gothic crazy on paper…

Like I already said I love this book, and it is, honestly, one of the few works of mine that I can go back and read with pleasure again and again. And who knows? Maybe there is an audience out there that is bored with normal books and would like something very new, very surprising, very different. If so, boy, do I have a book for you.

Whatever the case, this book was my mad genius moment. It was an awesome ride when I was on it.

I’m calm now, thank you for asking.


If you liked reading my article, why not check out some of my published books? I’ve had three novels published in the last few years, the new A Jane Austen Daydream, Maximilian Standforth and the Case of the Dangerous Dare (coming June 11), My Problem With Doors and Megan. You can find them via my author page here, or Doors and Megan as an eBook on Google eBooks here. Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “My Mad Genius Moment: The Thrill of Writing Something Radically New

      • Of course, I said this before in a post, but when I work on an idea, I can usually see other books, other tales; I just have never had a reason to explore them. For this book… I would probably do the eighth book in the series, not an earlier one.

  1. I’m normally pretty wary of an author talking up his own book to the extent and manner you have been this one, but damnit, I like the premise and you’ve kept me intrigued. So, I’m going to select MSatCotDD for my round in this cycle of my book club.

    You’ve left me with high expectations. (>^-‘)>

    • That’s awesome! I hope your book club likes it.

      When I talk about my books on the site I usually try to keep it in the context of the creative experience (inspiration, the self-publishing experience, the experience of writing in “real time, ” etc.) or simply as a news update (look at new review or look an interview, etc.), I mean it is a site about my books and writing and opinion. So it makes sense that those links will be shared here.

      I definitely have been trying to avoid the whole “Buy me. Buy me.” aspect you get on some author’s sites. It is tempting to do it, let me tell you, because I love my books and I want them to succeed, but I try to keep myself in check, or at least on the line I have placed for myself. What is the line? Frankly, there has to always be a good reason to push one of my books at a given time; in other words something new to add or something outside the site I need to reference.

      Do I wish all of my twitter, good reads and blog followers would buy my book? Definitely. That would be freaking awesome. But I know it probably won’t happen. Yet, I can’t escape the fact that my blog has been a great introduction for people to my books and my writing and my voice. I do my best not to take it for granted and try to keep writing on new topics each week, even though emotionally I am more focused on my fiction right now.

      I’m really intrigued to see how people react to Maximilian…

      • With a limited amount of attention going around, you have to do what you can to get people interested – I certainly understand that as well as any other author! I’m glad your ‘blog here keeps things fresh with the multitude of angles you expound upon (as opposed to reverting to a simple advertisement repository), and your enthusiasm comes across in an earnest manner, which is precisely why I’m excited rather than apprehensive about picking up this book!

      • Thanks! I hope you like Maximilian (and my other books as well). The funny thing is, for the amount of attention my blog and posts get, I like to think I am much better fiction writer. LOL.

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