“Universally Charming” A New Book Review for A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM

A Jane Austen DaydreamToday, I am happy to share a great review for my new novel A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM. It was written by the site Austen Hill where I gave an interview earlier this week (you can read it here). Here is a quote from the review:

I found myself thinking of it as a love letter to all of her novels. Readers will recognize characters from each scattered amongst her real-life family and acquaintances. A meddling matchmaker, a loving sister, a dashing suitor. Obstacles and misunderstandings…….triumphs and tragedies. Not to worry though, despite their appearance these plot devices don’t seem contrived in the least. Split into three sections, it’s also worth mentioning that I found myself drawn to the prologues for each. They offer quite a bit of hefty inspiration and create a wonderful frame for the reader’s subsequent experience. The novel also does a great job of showing how Jane’s own adventures in love might have influenced the lives of her characters.

You can read the rest of the review here.

And don’t forget there is a book giveaway going on right now for a copy of the book on English Historical Authors through May 12! You can enter here.

A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM is available exclusively via amazon.com where you can get as an eBook for $3.99 and in print for $13.46. You can purchase the book via this link.

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