To my 501 followers- THANK YOU!

HappinessThis morning I woke to having over 500 followers on my site.

I don’t know if readers know how inspirational this is to a writer, knowing that there is someone out there that likes your writing so much that they want to be notified when you have something new to say… well… and to have over 500 followers that believe that… it’s awesome.

I am humbled and a little in shock by this attention. This is a great milestone for me, my writing,  and my site and I really appreciate it.

 Thank you!

9 thoughts on “To my 501 followers- THANK YOU!

  1. Congratulations on achieving such a strong following! I hope you can enjoy your moment!
    If you are still inclined, my blog should be ok now;
    Thanks so much and have a great day!

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