A Book Giveaway! A Jane Austen Daydream is on GoodReads.com

A Jane Austen DaydreamI’m happy to announce that Madison Street Publishing has announced a book giveaway for my upcoming new novel A Jane Austen Daydream!

Two lucky winners will win copies of A Jane Austen Daydream!

To enter, simply visit this page here (http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/48730-a-jane-austen-daydream) and click on the “Enter to Win” button.

A Jane Austen Daydream is set for release in print and eBook on April 30. Here is the description of the work:

All her heroines find love in the end–but is there love waiting for Jane?

Jane Austen spends her days writing and matchmaking in the small countryside village of Steventon, until a ball at Godmersham Park propels her into a new world where she yearns for a romance of her own. But whether her heart will settle on a young lawyer, a clever Reverend, a wealthy childhood friend, or a mysterious stranger is anyone’s guess.

Written in the style of Jane herself, this novel ponders the question faced by many devoted readers over the years–did she ever find love? Weaving fact with fiction, it re-imagines her life, using her own stories to fill in the gaps left by history and showing that all of us–to a greater or lesser degree–are head over heels for Jane.

Again, you can enter the competition by just visiting this page. The competition runs through April 29.

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “A Book Giveaway! A Jane Austen Daydream is on GoodReads.com

  1. I am so excited (and have tried to be patient) to read this I am constantly checking my calendar!
    From an adoring Jane fan I am waiting to see how you spin this…have full confidence in your work….come hither!
    Trish DeFalco
    (By the way, do you speak in the English prose with your children?!:) Hehe

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