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Guarding the QueenCheerio!

What inspired me to write my editorial this week, “The Happy Anglophile,” is that I am in the process of editing two different books- A Jane Austen Daydream (to be published in April by Madison Street Publishing) and Maximilian Standforth and the Case of the Dangerous Dare (which I am self-publishing and sharing the experience via posts, like this one where I discuss my great new cover artist). They are both very British books; one putting the spotlight on Miss Austen, the other trying to capture the world and vibe of Sherlock Holmes.

Not bad for a kid from Michigan, eh?

And it doesn’t stop there! I’ve been thinking about writing a post on a controversial belief I have on Shakespeare next week, and I have been debating myself for months on writing on my love of PG Wodehouse and Douglas Adams (I should have done the Douglas Adams one nearer his Birthday… damn).

Anyway, looking back over the blog, my anglophile-tendencies have been on display ever since I started writing, from books to movies to television to music. For your reading pleasure this weekend here are links to some of my more popular posts on my favorite second home.

Pip pip!

11 thoughts on “The Posts of an Anglophile

  1. I’d be interested to hear your controversial theory on Shakespeare.

    I picked up a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird yesterday, thanks in part to you and in part to another huge fan of it. It had been too long since I read it. It’s wonderful.

    I need to re-watch Monty Python. I also loved it, but the only quote I can remember is the one about the Inquisition. I spent too much time giggling to commit much more to memory.

    I stayed overnight in London on my way to France when I was 22, and when the radio alarm went off in the hotel room with the voice of the newscaster, I started giggling and almost never stopped, every time I heard people talking, because I thought they were all just like Monty Python. Even saying the news, there seems to be an ever-present sense of dry humor that just charms me endlessly. Humor isn’t much part of the culture where I live (Silicon Valley, the heart of technology where type-A engineers (of whom I’m also quite fond) gather to make things and millions, but not to laugh much.). So, yeah, fellow Anglophile here.



      • I hadn’t noticed that! The one I put in my Wishlist is out of print, so you are re-releasing this one, right?

        I took a look at your post on

        cover art. That artist is amazing. Thanks. The info you provide is really helpful too. The Maximilian Adventures looks like it will be a fun read too! If I can, I can’t promise right now due to being a tad overextended, but if I can, I’ll review one or both on my blog with an author interview if you would like that. Past reviews are here… not a ton of them, just meandering about a little, posting reviews of my eclectic reading experiences.

        Nia Simone, author, book reviews



      • Well, it is being published by Madison Street. The old publishing house (after a few weeks of it being out) folded up shop. It should be out in April. I hope you like it!

  2. Scott, hmm, a controversial theory on Shakespeare? I am looking forward to reading and discussing with it.
    Sigh, yes I will admit I too am a Anglophile. No one here in Western Nevada quiet gets me. Always glad to hear from others who share my passion.
    Taking a peak at my writing desk you will see a Tardis, a sonic screwdriver, a wind up Dalek, the Black Knight and French taunting Knight. Guess this would make me an Anglophilic nerd.

  3. Well, if it’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure I was English in several past lives. I’ll be looking forward to reading your spin on Sherlock Holmes.I love those stories and yours seems like it’ll be a joy to read.

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