“A witty, moving, imagining of the life of Jane Austen”

A Jane Austen DaydreamA new review is online for my novel A Jane Austen Daydream. This time done by the Capital Area District Library in Michigan.

You can read the review here: http://www.cadl.org/books-movies/recrev/2013/southardjane.html/

And if you are interested in learning more, checking out interviews and excerpts, and finding out where to buy it in print ($9.99) and eBook ($4.99), please visit my A Jane Austen Daydream page here.

6 thoughts on ““A witty, moving, imagining of the life of Jane Austen”

    • Thanks! I like a good review. LOL. It seems people are really latching on to the book. The funny thing is there is a MAJOR twist in the book (One I don’t think a writer has attempted before and was part of the reason I was inspired to take on the subject), and in the dozen or so reviews I have seen so far, no one has spoiled it.

      • That’s good news, too. Ha.
        If someone does mention the twist, would you be able you get it removed?

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