Happy Birthday Jane Austen!

Jane Austen_ImageToday is Jane Austen’s birthday. I won’t presume to argue that the best way to celebrate her big day is by buying my book, A Jane Austen Daydream; I don’t roll that way.

Jane inspired me to write my latest novel; wait, she just didn’t inspire it, she is also IN it. She is a writing hero, and I wanted to give her a better tale than the one life had chosen for her. Yes, it pains me that she didn’t have time to give us more great works.

It’s a good day to brush off your copy of your favorite Ms. Austen book and enjoy… Happy Birthday Jane Austen.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jane Austen!

  1. Happy Jane Austen’s birthday to you too!

    If you get a chance, please visit my blog and read the short story “The Perfect Ceremony” (its the fourth one down on the right-hand margin). It was based on Shakespeare’s sonnet 23, but also VERY inspired by Jane Austin’s writings. I hope you like it.

    And if you don’t, let me know. I can take it.

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