This Black Friday Consider Southard

Hi readers!

Have you enjoyed my editorials on this site and my original fiction here, Permanent Spring Showers and Upon the Ground? If so, consider picking up one of my already published novels this holiday season for yourself or as a gift! I have two very different books currently in print and if I can promise one thing it is that you will be surprised. One of my goals as a writer has always been to give a reader something new on the written page (or screen).

My Problem With Doors

Jacob’s life changed in a single moment when, as a toddler, he walked through his bedroom door only to find himself in the office of a British officer in Capetown, 1870. This would begin a thirty-year journey which would take him from ancient to future civilizations, and innumerable places and times in between. Through all of his travels, Jacob seeks for the purpose of his predicament while meeting pirates, poets, loves, and even Jack the Ripper.

My Problem With Doors is available as a paperback (on amazon here), an eBook (on Google Play here) and even as a downloadable audiobook (here).


Megan Wane is caught in a life of dull dreariness. She goes to work in a dead end job with a boss she can’t stand, and comes home to a silent apartment with only a standoffish cat for company. She can only get away through her imagination. And there, in her thoughts, there exists a fairy-tale kingdom with wizards and dragons. A place called Prosperity, where she is both a princess and a hero. On this day, both Megan’s external reality and her interior world will suffer tragedy that will turn her life upside down and shake her to the foundation. Can Megan turn disaster into deliverance?

Megan is available as a paperback (on amazon here), an eBook (on Google Play here) and even as a downloadable audiobook (here).

Oh, and did I mention A Jane Austen Daydream is coming as a paperback and eBook this December??? More info to Come!

Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “This Black Friday Consider Southard

  1. Hi Scott! I just wanted to let you know that I’m fully determined to follow up on my promise to read ‘My problem with doors’ (via Twitter. Is a Twitter promise even a thing, by the way? I’m new there).

    Money is a little tight right with the holidays approaching, but I’ve put the ebook on my ‘Sinterklaas’ wishlist. Sinterklaas is the Dutch version of Santa Claus, except he lives in Spain and has no reindeer but a bunch of controversial black ‘helpers’ instead. I hope they’ll overcome their differences long enough to deliver your ebook to me.

    Will get back to you in about a month, I hope!

    • Santa can be something great like that (and I totally know about money! No worries). Thanks for reading and visiting the site. If you do get a chance later to read one of them, please write! I’ll love to know what you thought. Happy Holidays.

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