“Halloween, In Spirit” reblogged

I thought I would reblog the post for the big day. One thing I never realized about becoming a parent is how much more work this day is for us as compared to the kids. Two school parades and parties, trick-or-treating (which tonight will be in the rain and possible snow), and handing out the candy… And when we want a piece, what do the kids call it? Stealing. Yeah, unfair. Boo!

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

I don’t believe in magic.

I also don’t believe in witches, ghosts, wizards, dragons, unicorns, demons, devils, poltergeists, vampires, werewolves and anything else that might go bump in the night.

And, for those curious, I don’t believe in angels either.

None of these things exist (or could exist) in the world I see around me every day. And if any of these things really were real, there is no way it would be a secret to all of us. If there is one great truth about human beings, from the North Pole to the South, it is that we are all lousy at keeping a secret. Remember, even Deep Throat said who he was before he died, and that was a secret kept by only three people!

Frankly, we would all know about Hogwarts.

I wish I could see a ghost.


Because I would find the experience incredibly…

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2 thoughts on ““Halloween, In Spirit” reblogged

  1. a blind man sees not the sun and yet is shines still. There is that which I can prove and that’s a very very small circle, everything I can’t prove is in the bigger circle. I like to live in a very big world. (Also, having grown up with ghosts and everyone in the family has a ghost story. Being from Maine, well, ,,. ) I would say I’ve seen heard and felt things that don’t quite fit the world as we currently explain it. But that doesnt mean I know what the explanation is. Ghosts being the intelligent spirits of the departed, or a quantum bleed over from an alternate dimension, or a manifestation of a family mental disorder, I’m flexible.

    • Well, the great thing about the Possibilian philosophy (which reminds me of Taoism), anything is possible until the facts say otherwise. I have to admit by the end of your comment it started to sound like a really good episode of Doctor Who. Thanks for reading!

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