Happy Snoopy Dance! 100 Blog followers and 1000 Twitter followers!

Just a quick blog post to thank everyone for supporting my writing. It is really appreciative. and I have not stopped smiling all day.

When I began this blog, I hoped that my writing might find an audience, but honestly and selfishly, I was doing it to revive my own writing voice. (I’ve written a few times about this, so I won’t bore you with it here since you might know the tale, but you can check out this post for more info on my dramatic initial thoughts around the site). Yet, now here we are; nine months and almost 15,000 views later.

For the new readers and followers, feel free to look around, kick the tires, see what you like. I have some fiction (finished and new), short stories, and even some radio comedy. All for your pleasure.

I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy creating it. Thanks again!

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