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So a day, a DAY, after I list my most popular editorials (here), another emerges to ruin my list. Last night my editorial “Jesus or Red Dwarf? I Choose the Return of Red Dwarf” was shared by a producer of the show (‏ @RichardDGNaylor) as well as one of the cast members (@DannyJohnJules). I’m in smegging fan nerd heaven! Usually, I have a hard time understanding the point of Twitter, but sometimes it really is awesome.

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

First and foremost, this is not a love letter to a TV show. Sane and mature adults do not write love letters to sitcoms, especially science-fiction ones with campy special effects and a man pretending to be a cat. No, not at all.

Red Dwarf as a concept should not work as a TV sitcom premise; let’s get that point out of the way as well. Sometimes I am floored it ever moved forward to filming in the first place. It could never have sold in America (and for those that know the failed American pilot of it, it didn’t!).  I am serious when I state it is probably the darkest, most bleak idea for a series, especially a comedy.

Breaking Bad? Game of Thrones? The Wire? Oz? No, Red Dwarf is darker. They can’t even compete against it.

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