Episode Ten: Time Out Of Mind

Episode 10 of

Time Out Of Mind,

The sequel to

The Dante Experience



Scene 1

SOUND: Of Heaven

MICHAEL: Hazzah, your stellarness! I have good news for you. The communication link has been set up and I can get our team to fight the dragons!

REPAIR ANGEL: I said, I would fix it… All you had to do was wait.

MICHAEL: Not now! I’m talking to the big guy…Anyway, your infiniteness, I’m about to make contact with our team. Jenkins, can you hear me? Hello?

Scene 2

SOUND: Of Beach.

MICHAEL: Jenkins.

JENKINS: Oh, great, it’s Angel Michael.

ALL: (Sigh)

SUSAN: No, wait! That is a good thing! Now we can go fight the binkies again. Hand it to me.

JENKINS: What? Hey!

SUSAN: Michael, are you there?

MICHAEL: Yes, who is this?

SUSAN: You know who this is so stop wasting my time.

MICHAEL: I was not wasting your time, I was…

SUSAN: Shut up.


SUSAN: Where are Alison and the Binkies?

MICHAEL: The Battle of Gettysburg.


SUSAN: Why the Battle of Gettysburg?

ROBERT: Alison must have forgotten to study for her history midterm.

MICHAEL: How is the time travel device?

SUSAN: It’s broken.

WILL: Have you tried shaking it?

SUSAN: I’ll shake you good, Will. Now be quiet.

WILL: No, Susan, it usually works for me with computer things. Here let me try.

MICHAEL: It doesn’t matter I can get you to the battle.

SOUND: Struggle

WILL: Hand it to me.

SUSAN: No Will, you’ll break it more.

SOUND: It falls and time vortex opens.

STEVE: What do you know? Will was right!

WILL: Wow.

SUSAN: Will, I guess I owe you an apology.

WILL: Really?

SUSAN: Yeah, but I am not going to take the time to give it here. Everyone in! Goodbye, Death.

DEATH: Goodbye.  Take care of yourselves… I hope to see you soon… Wait that didn’t make sense together.


SOUND: Of members starting to jump in.

DANTE: Here we go!

JENKINS: I hate Michael.

DEATH: See you next year, Robert.

ROBERT: (Confused) Ah, yeah, right.

SOUND: Of tunnel closing.

DEATH: Good kids.

 Scene 3

SOUND: Of Heaven.

MICHAEL: Ok, things are starting to get exciting. Let’s jump to Gettysbury.

KELLII: Quick turn it on.

MICHAEL: I’m doing it, I’m doing it! Now go home before your dad gets here.

REPAIR ANGEL: Be careful, you are going to break it.

MICHAEL: I know what I am doing, you nerd.

SOUND: Of battle on screen.

MICHAEL: There! Now our heroes should be there any second. And there is Alison and the three Binkies. They seem to be talking to General Lee.

Scene 4

SOUND: Of Civil War Battle.

LEE: I declare those are three mighty fine beasts you have there.

ALISON: Thanks.

SMAUG: Beasts?

LEE: Crikey, it talks!

ALISON: Yes it does, but that is not why I brought you here. But before we get down to business I want to ask you some questions.

LEE: Like what?

ALISON: Where were you born? What were some of your major victories?

LEE: (Confused) Ok.

ALISON: And if you could, on this piece of paper write a five-paragraph essay explaining what you think were your motives in fighting for the South.

LEE: I really don’t have time for this. I’m leading a battle.

ALISON: (Angry) Fine. Ok, we’ll get down to business then. I want to talk about your army.

LEE: What about it?

ALISON: I want it.

LEE: Excuse me.

ALISON: I want to take over the world and I want to start by having your army.

LEE: (Laughs) Now pretty young lady, I’m sorry. I won’t allow that. Now why don’t you go home and leave the fighting to…

ALISON: (Interrupts) Smaug, destroy that battalion.


SOUND: Of dragon flames and a lot of death.

LEE: Whoooa doggy!

ALISON: If you are wondering, yes I am smirking with power right now.

LEE: (Scared) But how does having my army help you take over the world?

ALISON: Well, I believe I can easily pass my final if I am at the battle and I am in charge of one of the armies. Hard to forget that and… Wait a minute, I don’t need to explain myself to you. I’m evil, evil I say!

LEE: Well, that is a good argument you give, but I have to wonder what will happen to me and my troops?

ALISON: You will all be my slaves.

LEE: Excuse me?

ALISON: Are you hard of hearing. You and your troops will be my slaves.

LEE: You will make slaves of us?

ALISON: Pretty much.

LEE: But that is wrong.

ALISON: I thought you were for slavery.

LEE: Well, yes.

ALISON: So what is hard for you to understand?

FIFTH DRAGON: Mistress Alison.

ALISON: I’m busy here.

FIFTH DRAGON: Over there! Look across the field. The other time travelers are coming.

LEE: I’m outta here.

SOUND: Of Horse running away.

ALISON:  Get ready, my beasts. Once we destroy them, the world is at our fingertips.

FOURTH DRAGON: We don’t have fingertips we have these…

SMAUG: Shhh.. You don’t want her to yell at us again, do you?

ALISON: Soon the world will be mine. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Scene 5

SOUND: Of Heaven.

Michael: Yes, our troops have made it! Move over , I need that. Ok, Stratego board again. Now watch this.

REPAIR ANGEL: We are never going to finish our game.

MICHAEL: Our troops have just landed here at this end of the board.. They include Angel Jenkins, Dante, Will, Steve, Robert, Lancelot and Susan. Susan with her laser is the only hope we have for  victory.


MICHAEL: Kellii! Can you please leave! Your dad is coming and I think I might be able to weasel out of this if you aren’t here. Having you hurts my chances for weaseling.

KELLII: But this is exciting.

MICHAEL: But your father. Angel Ted sounded really upset.

KELLII: Yeah, whatever. When isn’t he?

MICHAEL: Whatever? What is up with the new generation of angels.

KELLII: We are rebels. We break all the rules.

MICHAEL: And lie on the internet.

KELLII: Well, everyone does that.

MICHAEL: Ok, moving on. Where are the group? My computer said they landed right by… How strange, they landed by a group of university cheerleaders.

Scene 4

SOUND Of Battle.

CHEERLEADERS: We are the north, the mighty, mighty north (Cheer).

STEVE: Whoa, cheerleaders!

SUSAN: Oh, no the time-space continuum is getting worse.

STEVE: This is the greatest vacation ever!

DANTE: Steve, you really should learn some control.

WILL: What are you going on about?

SUSAN: Don’t you see! There should not be University Cheerleaders at the battle of Gettysburg.

VENDOR: Peanuts! Get your fresh peanuts here!

SUSAN: You see what I mean?

WILL: I’ll take one.

STEVE: Me too.

SUSAN: You aren’t listening to me at all.

DANTE: I know exactly how you feel. No one ever listens to…

SUSAN: Shut up Dante.

DANTE: Fine… I’ll take a bag too.

VENDOR: Here ya go.

SOUND: Of Bullet.

VENDOR: Ugh! I’ve been shot!

SOUND: Collapses.

WILL: Free peanuts!

SUSAN: Ok, ok… breathe in and out. I just can’t deal with this right now. First things first, I have to stop the dragons then save the space-time continuum.

LANCELOT: What is your plan, Susan?

SUSAN: We’ve got to get closer to them.

WILL: Ummm, peanuts.

DANTE: (With mouth full) I don’t see how we can do that, Susan. They are in the middle of a major battle.

JENKINS: And some of us probably would like to avoid being hurt. I’m personally against all forms of pain involved with me.

ROBERT: Susan, you’ve got to think of a way. I need to talk to Alison.

WILL: You drove her to being evil last time, Robert. I hate to see what you accomplish on a second try.

ROBERT: I can stop this, I know I can. I just have to get up there.

SOUND: Poof!

MEPHIST: I am here!

EVERYONE: Mephistopheles!

MEPHIST: You will not stop the dragons and the South from fighting.

JENKINS: And he still has Joseph’s Head!

JOSEPH: Troops! I am back. Quick get my body for me.



WILL: Well..

SUSAN: (awkward, realizing something) His body… yeah.

JOSEPH: What is it? Where is my body?

MEPHIST: What is going on?

JENKINS: Was it on the tropical paradise?

DANTE: No, I think it was in Eden.

JOSEPH: What is going on?

JENKINS: Was it in the mountain there?

DANTE: No I think we left it with the binkies.

JOSEPH: Binkies!? You lost my body.

DANTE: We didn’t say that.

JOSEPH: I leave my body with you for three days and…

MEPHIST: (A little louder) You will not stop the binkies in their goal to destroy…

JOSEPH: Shut up, Mephist!


Will: What is it Susan?

SUSAN: Will, you said you were immortal now, right?

WILL: Yeah, why?

SUSAN: Everyone get behind Will!

Will: What?

JENKINS: I see what she is thinking.

SUSAN: We are going to use Will as a shield!

WILL: You are going to use Will as a what?!

SUSAN: Lancelot, you are going to have to hold him.


ROBERT: I’ll help. Come on, Steve.

STEVE: Ok, fine, whatever… I’ll be right back, girls.


STEVE: I love cheerleaders!

WILL: Hey, put me down. I don’t want to be a shield.

STEVE: Stop kicking, Will and hold still.

SUSAN: Here we go!

WILL: I don’t want to be a shield! Mommy!

SOUND: Of them running away.

MEPHIST: Wait, get back here! I said get back here! What part of get back here, don’t you understand! I’m supposed to be distracting you! Hey! I date one mortal and all my respect goes out the window.

JOSEPH: (Snickers)

MEPHIST: Shut up! I’ll punt you good.

Scene 5

SOUND: Of Heaven.

MICHAEL: Ok, sir, if I can direct you once again to the Stretego board game. Here are the three dragons right now. And there is Alison. And here is our group running across the battlefield towards the dragons. It turns out Will is immortal, so the angels did a good job on that…

SOUND: Angel Wings.

TED: I’m calling you out, Michael!


MICHAEL: Angel Ted! Listen, I can explain everything.

TED: We are beyond talking, Michael. You touched my daughter!

MICHAEL: No, I didn’t.

TED: That’s not what she told me.

MICHAEL: What did you say?

KELLII: Stuff.

MICHAEL: Stuff? Stuff is not an answer! We did nothing , Ted!

TED: Uh huh.

MICHAEL: And she lied to me!

KELLII: I did not!

MICHAEL: Yes, you did! You lied about your age.

KELLII: Oh, yeah that.

TED: This was the last straw, Michael. I’m sick and tired of being at your beck and call, doing your assignments, never getting free time while you take all the credit.

MICHAEL: Credit? Everyone hates me.

TED: Well, this is it, Angel Michael X34267-1. I’m taking over.


TED: Scram, I’m taking over the daily reports.

MICHAEL: You can’t.

TED: I already did. I got this signed by the High Angel  Committee on the way here. They are very upset with you.

MICHAEL: They are always upset with me!

TED: Here, read for yourself.

SOUND: Paper being handed over.


TED: We’ll talk later, Kellii. Fly home, your mom is waiting. And you are SO grounded.

KELLII: It’s not fair!

SOUND: Of angel flying away.

MICHAEL: I can’t believe this.

TED: And who are you?

REPAIR ANGEL: I was here to fix the computer.

TED: Is it fixed?


TED: Then get lost.

REPAIR ANGEL: Ok… I’ll send you a bill…

TED: What?

REPAIR ANGEL: Or maybe not.

TED: And take off those damn Vulcan ears they make you look stupid.

REPAIR ANGEL: (Bursting into tears) You didn’t need to be mean. (Sniff) Goodbye.

MICHAEL: I just can’t believe this.

TED: You are through, Michael.

MICHAEL: Big guy, come on, you can say something…

TED: You are no longer authorized to talk to him.

MICHAEL: Listen your greateness. You can override this. Think of all the good times we had… Ok, that might have been the wrong thing to say and we’ve never had any good times… Fine. Just fine. I’m going.

TED: Great… The daily reports are mine! Hmmm, nice smile your holiness. Now, when we were last watching our heroes. They were racing across the battlefield of Gettysburg…

MICHAEL: I’m leaving…

TED: … They were using Will as a shield.

MICHAEL: Goodbye.

TED: Get lost! Now, granted being immortal help Will avoid death, but it doesn’t avoid the pain.

Scene 6

SOUND: Of Battlefield.

SUSAN: We made it. Drop Will.

SOUND: Of Will being dropped.

WILL: Umpf.

DANTE: Good job, Will.

WILL: Getting shot is one thing. Who hasn’t been shot once? But fifteen shots. That hurts!

ROBERT: Alison!

ALISON: Bwahahahahaha!

DANTE: That is one scary laugh.

ALISON: So you have come, my puny adversaries!

DANTE: Wow that was a big word.

STEVE: Can I go back to the cheerleaders?

JENKINS: Can’t we all sit down and discuss this over some nice tea.

FOURTH DRAGON: Yeah, that sounds nice.



STEVE: I just think those cheerleaders need someone to protect them right now.

ALISON: Dragons! Flames at them now!

SUSAN: Quick everyone behind Will again!

WILL: What? No!!!

SOUND: Flames scorching Will.


Will: Ow! Ow… Ow…

ALISON: Attack at will my pretties!

WILL: No! No more, please to God, no more.

SUSAN: I don’t think she meant it that way.

SOUND: Dragons about to attack again.



ALISON: What are you doing?

SMAUG: He said “Wait.”

ALISON: Is he in charge?


ALISON: Who is in charge?

SMAUG: You are, Alison.

ALISON: (Coughs)

SMAUG: Miss Peters… Sorry.

ALISON: So when I say “Attack” you attack, ok?



SMAUG: Oh, did you mean now?


SMAUG: I mean, I thought…

ROBERT: Can I interrupt this?

ALISON: Not now, Robert. I’m busy taking over mankind.

ROBERT: Alison I just want a second.

ALISON: We’ll talk after the battle…. Smaug, start with him.

SOUND: Of Dragons almost starting up and…



SMAUG: Sorry, sorry, I forgot.

ROBERT: Alison, baby, as much as I think this killer, evil ruler of mankind aspect to your personality is attractive. Actually damn sexy.

WILL: He’s right.


STEVE: Yeah.

DANTE: Even I am intrigued.

SUSAN: You men are pitiful.

ROBERT: But this is not right.

ALISON: I broke up with you.

ROBERT: Yes, but you didn’t know why I was so annoyed.

ALISON: I figure it was the typical Robert things.

ROBERT: Ok… I don’t know what that means, but I will move on. The last year was amazing. Being together and the Vegas vacation and…

ALISON: We ended up in North Dakota.

ROBERT: Yeah, I forgot I lost my map in Hell.


ROBERT: We still had fun.

ALISON: Yeah… yeah, it was great.

ROBERT: No one but us… Truthfully, there is no one in North Dakota. And for us, It was truly magical. Last year was the best of my life.

WILL: I was dead for that year, but I don’t think anyone cares.

SUSAN: Shhh, Will. I think I know where he is going with this.

WILL: Yeah, who wants to hear from Will? Makes a good shield, Mr. Will.

STEVE: What are you doing, Robert? Don’t go down on your knee! Remember what I said! Robert!

SUSAN: Shut up, Steve.

ROBERT: What I was going to do that day was try to give you this ring.

SOUND: Ring case opening.

SOUND: Battle noises stop.


DANTE: I think one of the diamonds is going to fall out…

STEVE: Not now Dante.

SOUND: Poof!

MEPHIST: I’m here now!… Ok, what is going on? What did I miss?

ALISON: I don’t know what to say, Robert.

MEPHIST: Is he proposing?

JOSEPH: And I am still missing a body, I really think that is an important issue.

MEPHIST: Alison, honey, you don’t love him.

JOSEPH: I can’t even wear a ring.

ALISON: I will Robert. I will marry you.

SOUND: Of running to each other and kissing.


LEE: (In distance) Ok, back to fighting all you girlie love struck rednecks!

SOUND: Of Battle starting back up.

WILL: Hey, who is that?

ELVIS: Excuse me, maybe you can help me. I seem to be lost.

SUSAN: Ha! See! I told you there was something wrong with the space-time vortex. Look! You see Elvis too, don’t you?

WILL: Susan, relax.

SUSAN: But you don’t understand, Will. Time and Space is being manipulated by all this time traveling to disastrous results.

ELVIS: I’m lost, I’m sure it’s not all disastrous. Wow, what are those big scaly things?

SUSAN: First the cheerleaders.

STEVE: Oh, yeah, I forgot about them. Talk to you guys later. Time to go be noble and protect the women.

SUSAN: Steve, wait!

SOUND: Gunshot!

ELVIS: (Groans and falls over)

WILL: They shot Elvis!

ELVIS: Avenge my death.


ELVIS: What do you mean no?

WILL: Just that no.

ELVIS: Ah (Dead).

WILL: Well, that was strange.

SUSAN: Steve get back here!

LANCELOT: Let him go, beautiful Susan. We don’t need him around.

SUSAN: Beautiful? I thought we talked about this homewrecker!

LANCELOT: I haven’t done it yet, not to say I will.

WILL: I’m coming with you, Steve.

STEVE: Ok, fine… But walk in front of me.

WILL: What are you doing? Oh, great! Ahhhhh!!! (Off into background)

SUSAN: Well, there goes my shield. Are you two done kissing yet?

ALISON: I love you.

ROBERT: I love you too. Let’s get out of here.

SUSAN: Get out of here? You can’t leave!

JOSEPH: Really, you guys don’t have my body?

DANTE: It wasn’t me it was Jenkins.

JENKINS: No it wasn’t.

JOSEPH: No, it probably was you.


DANTE: One point for Dante!

SUSAN: Robert! Don’t go! Time traveling is ruining everything. All of space-time is being destroyed by our traveling. We have to destroy the binkies and then fix time and…

ROBERT: That reminds me, Susan. I want the time traveling device. Yonk.

SUSAN: Hey, give it back!

ROBERT: Come on Alison.

SUSAN: Wait! Don’t take it! Robert.

SMAUG: I’m taking back control of my binkies! Attack! To the death of Man!

SUSAN: What!?

SMAUG: Fight!

SUSAN: No! Wait, we are not ready. Time out!

SOUND: Of flames.


JENKINS: They got Lancelot!

LANCELOT: The armor was worthless… I knew I shouldn’t have gone with the generic name brand. My cheapness was my doom. Guinevere.

SOUND: Of him falling over (Dies).

SUSAN: Ha! I knew he loved Guinevere.


JOSEPH: Can I have his body?

DANTE: New plan, Angel Jenkins! Hide!

JENKINS: I’m with you, Dante.

JOSEPH: Wait! Get me from Mephistopheles. Take me back.

MEPHIST: I’m out of here.

JOSEPH: No wait! I want…

MEPHIST: Goodbye everyone.

SOUND: Of  poof.

SUSAN: Ok, Susan, think, you can do this. Steve and Will are over talking to the cheerleaders. Dante and Jenkins are hiding. General Joseph’s head is still held hostage by Mephistopheles… Just me versus three big binkies. I can do this.

SMAUG: Get Susan.

SOUND: Fire being shot over and over under next bit.

SUSAN: (Battle cry and attacking… Rolling around, dodging, grunting)

SOUND: Of laser over and over again.

ROBERT: Bye, Susan.

SUSAN: Not now, Robert!

SOUND: Of walking away.

ROBERT: I’m sure everything is going to work out ok. C’mon, my future wife…

ALISON: I don’t like the sound of that.

ROBERT: Future?

ALISON: No, wife.

ROBERT: Significant other?


ROBERT: Life partner?


ROBERT: Love of my life?

ALISON: No. Definitely not.

ROBERT: Alison?


ROBERT: No, I mean, “Alison.”

ALISON: Oh, yeah. I guess you could call me that.

ROBERT: Let’s go home.

SOUND: Jumping into time tunnel. It closes.



SOUND: Of Battle in distance (And dragons versus Susan).

STEVE: Hi Girls. I just wanted to come over and tell all of you what a hell of a job you are doing. You totally were getting me moving out there. My name is Steve and it turns out I am the father of all mankind. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


WILL: Introduce me.


WILL: Come on.


WILL: But you owe me! You used me as a shield.

STEVE: Ok, fine and this is my shield, Will.

WILL: Hi… (Getting smooth) Did my friend here mention that I’m immortal?

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