Upon The Ground: Firsts

I’m on day 2 of having a cold and the medicine is making me a little loopy so if I forget what I’m… Okay, what am I doing again? Oh, yeah! A new short story from my collection Upon The Ground is up at www.greenspotblue.com. It is called “Firsts.”

 Here is a bit from the beginning:


Lisa thought love was stupid. How else could she explain what she was looking at? For there below her bedroom window was her sister with her lips implanted against a man’s face.

Lisa couldn’t help but squirm at the vision. Her mind was filled with a thousand repulsive thoughts regarding it. What if he had food stuck in his teeth? What if he doesn’t even have teeth? (Her grandfather doesn’t have teeth. When she was three and she saw him first remove his dentures it took her grandmother twenty minutes to calm her down). Or more disgusting than that- What if he used his tongue?

She had heard her sister discuss this boy before. It was over dinner last night. Her father (the mayor) didn’t think he was the right kind of boy for his daughter to be associating with (as if any boy would be). Her sister, Emily, then followed that comment with a more drastic comment. That drastic comment created the bedroom detention that should have been going on for the next few weeks…. However, that was not the case. For there was Lisa looking down at the “punished” Emily with her lips “stuck” to this stranger.

You can read the rest of the story here. Also I have links to the other stories from the collection on the Upon The Ground page. Thanks for reading! I’m going to go sneeze now. 

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