Upon The Ground: Full Of Her

The next short story from my collection Upon The Ground is up at greenspotblue.com  This short story is called “Full of Her” and can be found here.

Here is a snippet from the beginning:

“Full of Her”

She was going to do it again.

He could read it in her eyes. He could read it in her hands as they moved awkwardly with the knife and fork at the table. God, he could read it in the air, her presence before she even walked up to the table. Before she sat down across from him and looked up at him with her eyes, he knew. Everything else was just waiting for the inevitable

She was going to do it again and the only question running through his mind was what approach would it be this time.

She put her fork back down on the table and looked up at him. “Joey,” she sighed. “You’re my best friend…”

It was approach number 12 again.

You can read the rest of the story here. I’ve also put up links to all of the other stories via the Upon The Ground page on this site.  Thanks for reading!

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