Episode Six: Time Out Of Mind

Episode 6 of

Time Out Of Mind,

The Sequel to

The Dante Experience

 “The Hunt”


Scene 1

SOUND: Of Heaven.

REPAIR ANGEL: Here is your problem right here. Look at all the memory you have used on your computer. No wonder it’s bombed.

MICHAEL: Oh, hi your great holiness. I didn’t know you were listening in. The computer repair angel here is just trying to get the computer up and running again.

REPAIR ANGEL: What are all these pictures?

MICHAEL: Oh, nothing! Just delete that!

REPAIR ANGEL: Who is she?

MICHAEL: Nothing, nothing… Anyway…

REPAIR ANGEL: She certainly is flexible whoever she is…

MICHAEL: Get back to work! From what I can tell our story is as followed- The dragons have disappeared leaving one of their dragons in Camelot to destroy the team consisting of Susan, Steve, Will, Robert, Alison, Sir Lancelot and Benjamin Franklin. While our team of Angel Jenkins, Dante and General Joseph have been…

JENKINS: Michael!

MICHAEL: Oh, here they are now. Why do I smell roast chicken?

DANTE: Very funny, ha ha.

MICHAEL: Wow, you were really burnt to a crisp.

JENKINS: I hate you.

MICHAEL: I know, I know. I hate you too.

DANTE: Enough with this. Have you been able to find Mephistopheles with Angel Joseph’s head?

MICHAEL No, as you can see I have someone fixing the computer and…

DANTE: Wow, who is that!

MICHAEL: I thought I told you to get back to work.

REPAIR ANGEL: No harm in just looking at pictures.

JENKINS: Hey, she looks familiar to me.

MICHAEL: It’s no one you know.

DANTE: That is one hot angel… I know I was talking about something important.

REPAIR ANGEL: Do you want a chair?

DANTE: Sure. Click on that one now.

MICHAEL: Where is General Joseph’s body right now?

JENKINS: We left it in the hallway, Last I saw it was bumping into all the walls.

SOUND: Crashing in background.


DANTE: Does he have any more pictures of her?



REPAIR ANGEL: Categorized too, if you can believe it.

DANTE: Could you email them to me?

MICHAEL: Do you two mind?!… This is no time to be looking at my personal porn collection! We are in the process of trying to save all of reality and…. Jenkins, why are you staring at me like that?

JENKINS: I hate you.

DANTE: Now click on that one.


JENKINS: Now I know her! That is Angel Ted’s daughter, Kellii.

MICHAEL: (Playing innocent) Is it? Let me see, Oh, can’t be.

JENKINS: Yes, it is. You have pictures of her on your computer!

MICHAEL: Listen, I don’t know how they got there and to be honest, I really don’t think they are of her. What are the chances of that? Haha.

JENKINS: I was her God Angel!

MICHAEL: Ok, ok! Let’s get back to the matter on hand of saving reality.

JENKINS: She is of legal age, but, man, Angel Ted is going to kill you.

REPAIR ANGEL: Wait until you see the website he created around the pictures.

JENKINS: You created a website?

MICHAEL: I did not… Well, sales of Paradise cleaners have been down and Kellii did send the pictures so I thought…

JENKINS: (Interrupting) How much do you charge a… Wait just a minute! Ted is going to kill you! He is really going to kill you!

DANTE: Oh, boy, a fight.

MICHAEL: We don’t have time to worry about that…Now you two get all fixed up. Once I find out where the group is going next I will send you there to help them!

JENKINS: Ok, ok.

MICHAEL: And take Joseph’s body with you in case you bump into Mephistopheles.

DANTE: What is going on with the other group?

MICHAEL: Before the computer went down they were trying to find the dragon that was left at Camelot.

REPAIR ANGEL: Guys, look at this picture.


ALL: Whoa momma.

Scene 2

SOUND: Group riding slowly on horses.

WILL: Are we there yet?

SUSAN: For the last time no.

STEVE: Josephine was nice but Guinevere had this thing she did with her tongue that…

ALISON: Really, Steve, can you stop?

STEVE: I haven’ t gotten to the good parts yet.

FRANKLIN: What I don’t understand is when this adventure is done, how will you get me home?

SUSAN: Franklin, I don’t want to go over this again. Technically, you are supposed to be dead.

FRANKLIN: Really, I feel fine.

SUSAN: That’s beside the point, ok. By the time period we arrived in France, you were dead! Dead!

FRANKLIN: Frankly, that’s not very encouraging.

WILL: Did you know I’m immortal?

LANCELOT: I bet I can find a way to kill you.

WILL: Really, how much would you like to bet?

LANCELOT: Well, let’s see what I have on me.

ROBERT: Can we go back to the picnic now, Alison?

ALISON: Not now Robert.

ROBERT: (Sarcastic) Great, just great.

ALISON: Stop being a stick in the mud, Robert.

ROBERT: And now I am being a stick in the mud, super.

STEVE: It’s really too bad that the time device doesn’t have a tracking device on it. Fine, it will tell us where they went, but find them there, yeah right.

LANCELOT: Little man, I have nothing on me.

WILL: Not surprised.

LANCELOT: Must be in my other suit of armor.

WILL: heeheehee… Will one, Great hero, nada.

LANCELOT: That didn’t prove anything.

ROBERT: Susan, how about this-  You drop Alison and I off,  and then you can come right back here. Technically if you do it right, you won’t lose anytime.

SUSAN: We don’t have time.

ROBERT: But technically you have all the time in the world.

SUSAN: I really don’t have time to discuss that we have all the time.

ROBERT: Why don’t you want to take the time to discuss the time that you have which is all the time you could ever want.

STEVE: (Confused) Ok, what?

ALISON: (Sighs) Robert over here.

ROBERT: What’s over there?

ALISON: Us. Now come on.

STEVE: Robert’s in trouble.

WILL: Can I come along?

SOUND: Two horses leaving the pack.

ALISON: (Calling behind her) No, this is private.

WILL: No one wants to share privates with me.

ALL: (Lancelot, Susan, Franklin and Steve) Laughing.

WILL: What’s so funny?

Scene 3

SOUND: Of two horses walking and stopping.

ALISON: Ok, Robert, ever since the time device showed up and Will came back to life, you’ve been a drag.


ALISON: Is it about Will?


ALISON: I can’t stand him either, but he is still a friend.

WILL: (Calling from distance) Are you talking about me?


ROBERT: It’s not. I just wanted some time alone for us.

ALISON: Robert, we are on an adventure through time in an attempt to save mankind. Don’t you think you are being a little selfish?

ROBERT: I am not being selfish!

ALISON: Oh, then what are you being?

ROBERT: Well… ah… Ok, I can see how it might look that way.

ALISON: It looks, smells, sounds and touches that way. And frankly, it is really annoying me.

ROBERT: You’re annoyed?

ALISON: You weren’t having fun at Steve’s French extravagance and I know for a fact you did not put your heart into our play.

ROBERT: You are grading my performance!

ALISON: Yeah, I’m grading your performance. Where was your attention? Where was your concentration? And your soul was, like, visiting Mercury or something. You gave nothing to the character.

ROBERT: You’re annoyed about a performance I gave in Cinderella?

ALISON: I worked hard on that show.

ROBERT: You had two lines!

ALISON: I gave my heart to those two lines though.

ROBERT: Will beat you in the auditions!

ALISON: Oh, don’t go there.

ROBERT: He bet you out for a part. He was a more convincing woman than you were!

ALISON: (Pause, angry) Fine! Ok, if that is the case you can date him.

SOUND: Alison rides off.

ROBERT: Wait! Alison!

SOUND: Robert rides after her.

Scene 4

SOUND: Alison riding up to group.

SUSAN: Is everything ok, Alison?

ALISON: Let’s go kill some damn lizard.

SOUND: Robert riding up.

ROBERT: Alison! Wait!

WILL: Hi Robert.

ROBERT: Not now, Will.

ALISON: Yeah, you have fun talking to your friend Will.

WILL: (Confused) ok.

ROBERT: Alison

ALISON: Just keep talking to him Robert.

WILL: Neat.

LANCELOT: Dear Susan.

SUSAN: Now, it’s “Dear Susan?” First “Beautiful” and now “Dear.” This is all flattering, metal boy, but we are trying to save the world here.

LANCELOT: I think I see our dragon.

SUSAN: Where?

LANCELOT: Over there.

SOUND: Slight gasps. Everything is scared and breathing hard.

SUSAN: Yeah, that’s it.

FRANKLIN: What do we do? I never thought that it was going to be that enormous.

SUSAN: Well, we have to go over there and kill it.

STEVE: What is it doing?

LANCELOT: I can’t tell.

SUSAN: Wait.

ALL: What?

ALISON: I think he is picking daisies.


ROBERT: He is picking daisies?

WILL: No, he isn’t.

ALISON: Yes, he is. See the vase! He is picking daisies.

WILL: What?

ALISON: The dragon is flower arranging.


FRANKLIN: Well, it does seem very pretty.

STEVE: I like the use of yellow particularly.

ALISON: I don’t know. It’s Autumn and that looks to be more a spring arrangement.

STEVE: How can you tell?

ALISON: It’s all in the brightness of color.

STEVE: So are you saying that light colors in flowers can be out of season?

ALISON: Well, it also comes down to availability of the flowers.

STEVE: I see. So you are saying the nature dictates the style of the arranging.

ALISON: Something like that, but it is more an artistic eye as well and…

SUSAN: Do you two mind?


SUSAN: Now, I’m going to go over there and try to kill it with the laser.

ALISON: My laser.

STEVE: I’ll wait here.

FRANKLIN: I will too.

LANCELOT: Can I come along, fair Susan?

SUSAN: Sure, I guess. Robert, are you in?

ROBERT: No, I’m no longer any fun. No fun Robert, call me.

SUSAN: (Pause) Ok. (Pause) I have no idea what that is about, but we are going.

WILL: Aren’t you going to ask me?


ALISON: I’m going.

SUSAN: Come on troops. Get off your horses and let’s go.

SOUND: Getting off their horses and walking away.


ALISON: (Whispering) Susan?

SUSAN: (Whispering) What?

ALISON: (Whispering) So is this fair? Surprising him like this?

SUSAN: (Whispering) This is not fair, it’s war.

ALISON: (Whispering) Well, it still doesn’t seem honorable. There he is, picking flowers and you are going to kill him.

SUSAN: (Whispering) Well, he would kill me if he had the chance.

ALISON: (Whispering) Yes, but.

SOUND: Stepped on a twig! It’s loud!

THIRD DRAGON: (Squeals like a very scared little girl) People! Eeek!

SOUND: Dragon running and hiding behind that hill.


SUSAN: Ok, what just happened?

ALISON: Did you hear that scream?

SOUND: Of the rest running up

ROBERT: What just happened?

SUSAN: That’s what I just asked.

ALISON:  He was scared by the noise and ran and hid behind that hill.

LANCELOT: A little odd.

SUSAN: Yeah.


STEVE: So what do we do?

SUSAN: (Calling) Hey!

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Ah, yes.

SUSAN: (Calling) Would you mind coming out in the open?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) But you will try to kill me.

WILL: He’s got you there.

SUSAN: Not now Will.

WILL: Have you ever noticed how everyone keeps trying to tell me to be quiet?

STEVE: Shut up, Will.

WILL: See what I mean?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Ah, why don’t you come over here?

SUSAN: (Calling) Well, you’ll breathe fire on me.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) I might not.

SUSAN: (Calling) Yes, you will.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) No, I won’t.

SUSAN: (Calling) Yes, you will.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) No I won’t.

SUSAN: (Pause, sighs deeply. Calling) How about you come out first?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) I got an idea, how about you come out first.

SUSAN: (Calling) I said that first.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Yes, but doesn’t it sound better when I say it.

SUSAN: (Calling) Are you scared?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Well, let’s see. You want to kill me, yeah, I could see why I would not want to come out.

SUSAN: (Calling) So let me get this straight. You want to kill all of mankind and you are scared to die.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Frankly, I have reviewed my options and I believe hiding and living to be my best choice.

SUSAN: (Calling) Come out and fight!

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) No!

SUSAN: (Calling) Come on!

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) No!

SUSAN: (Calling) We’re supposed to be fighting!

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) You can’t make me! Now go away!

STEVE: Franklin, are you ok? You’re face is bright white.

FRANKLIN: I never thought it was a real dragon.

STEVE: What did you think it was?

FRANKLIN: Symbolic of something, I don’t know.

STEVE: We were hunting symbolism?

ROBERT: What kind of post-modern literature crap is that?

FRANKLIN: I think I need a drink of water.

SUSAN: (Calling) For the last time, come out!

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) No! You can’t make me.

ALISON: Wait a minute, Susan, maybe we can make a deal.

SUSAN: What do you mean?

THIRD DRAGON: (calling) Yeah, what do you mean?

ALISON: We let him live.

THIRD DRAGON: (calling) I like this so far.

ALISON: And he promises to not kill any people.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Ah, well I can promise not to kill anyMORE people.

SUSAN: (Calling) You’ve killed people?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Ah, yes… Is that wrong?

SUSAN: (Calling) How many?

ALISON: (Calling) Probably only one, right? And it was a mistake, right?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) No, Actually it was quite a lot. I went on quite a rampage.

SUSAN: He killed people. I really can’t negotiate with that Alison.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) It was a lot a fun. The stomping and the breathing! Woowee.

STEVE: Franklin, is turning bright white again.

WILL: Maybe you should sit down, Benjamin?

LANCELOT: Let me get him, beautiful Susan?

SUSAN: Ok, beautiful again? Are you hitting on me?

LANCELOT: What does that mean?

ALISON: (Calling) Ok, what if you promise not to kill anymore!?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Well… To be honest, I kind of liked it.

SUSAN: (Calling) What?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) It was fun.

SUSAN: (Calling) So what is the difference with killing those people and killing us?

FRANKLIN: Killing us?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Well, you have weapons to fight back with. They just screamed and ran and (Laughs), it was a lot of fun.

SUSAN: Ok, Alison, he needs to be put down.


WILL: Benjamin Franklin is freaking out!

FRANKLIN: The negotiations have failed! Run away! AHHHH!

SOUND: Of Franklin running away and screaming by himself and then silence…


WILL: Well, Franklin’s gone.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Just out of curiosity, how many of you is there out there?

WILL: (Calling) Let’s see, there is…

SUSAN: No, Will.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Will you at least tell me how many are armed?

WILL: (Calling) Oh, that is easy! Just Susan.

SUSAN: Will!

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Hmmm… So my odds are much better than I thought.

LANCELOT: (Calling) I have a lance.

WILL: (Calling) Yes, Lancelot has a pointy metal thing.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Really? That’s it.

WILL: (Calling) It will hurt you good.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) So just one laser and a pointy metal thing?

WILL: (Calling) Yeah, that’s it.

SUSAN: Will! What are you doing?

WILL: What? I’m immortal. I’ll be ok.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) So out of curiosity, what were the rest of you planning to do?


ROBERT: (Calling) What do you mean?

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) If I was to come out and fight, per se. What were you planning to do?

STEVE: (Calling) Ah…

ALISON: (Calling) Haven’t thought of that.

ROBERT:  Well, this is just great.

ALISON:  Robert! Shut up!

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) I mean, that sounds kind of stupid. I mean, at least that one guy has the pointy metal thing.

LANCELOT: (Calling) It’s a lance.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) No wonder, your leader wants to fight. She is the only one armed.

SUSAN: (Calling) Now wait just a second! I wasn’t think of it that way at all.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) No, you were just unconsciously setting your troops up to be killed.

SUSAN: (Calling) Like you can judge me! Your team left you here by yourself.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) But I’m a dragon, I breathe fire and have sharp claws. Let me tell you, I’ve fought a lot of humans. Seriously, you have nothing on you that can compete with that. And let me tell you, to my claws your skin is like butter. Butter.

LANCELOT: (Calling) Well, I’m wearing armor.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Is that the guy with the pointy metal thing?

LANCELOT: (Calling) Yes.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Well, that is something.

LANCELOT: (Calling) And it’s a lance.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Does any of the other of you have on armor?

STEVE: (Calling) No.

ALISON: (Calling) No.

SUSAN: Can you guys please stop giving him information!

ROBERT: (Sarcastic) This is just great.

WILL: (Calling) I’m immortal.

THIRD DRAGON: (Laughing evilly, calling) I bet you are…

WILL: (Calling) No seriously, I was shot by the laser twice and it did nothing to me.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) Really?

WILL: (Calling) Yeah, no scars or anything.

THIRD DRAGON: (Calling) That is amazing. Can I see?

WILL: (Calling) Sure.

SOUND: Will walking.

STEVE: Will, man what are you doing?

WILL: Everything is fine, Steve, my man. I’m immortal remember?  He can’t hurt me.

ROBERT: Will get back here.

WILL: (Humming to himself, walking away).

SUSAN: You guys wait here.

LANCELOT: Shall I come, beautiful Susan?

SUSAN: No, and stop calling me that.

LANCELOT: Do you wish me to lie?

SUSAN: Argh. Wait here.

Scene 5

SOUND: Dragon breathing.

WILL: See no wounds.

THIRD DRAGON: And the laser hit you right there?

WILL: Yup, nothing.

THIRD DRAGON: How did this happen?

WILL: I annoyed God one too many times!

THIRD DRAGON: Really? And he gave you the gift of immortality?

WILL: Yup.

THIRD DRAGON: For annoying him? He gives you that great gift.

WILL: Never been to church either.

THIRD DRAGON: You don’t say.

WILL: Really makes you reconsider the entire structure, doesn’t it?

THIRD DRAGON: It certainly does… It makes me consider many things?

WILL: Such as, big guy?

THIRD DRAGON: If I eat you, will I be immortal too?

WILL: Good question… really makes you think.

THIRD DRAGON: (Getting excited) Then I won’t be killed.

WILL: (Calm) Yeah, you would be quite a force to be reckoned with.

THIRD DRAGON: (Getting more excited) No one could stop me.

WILL: (Still the same) The world will be your’s.

THIRD DRAGON: Could you come a little closer?

WILL: Sure, no problem.

SUSAN: Will!

WILL: What now?

SUSAN: Duck!

WILL: What?

SOUND: Of Laser.

WILL: Hey! Ow! What is with…

SUSAN: I said duck!

SOUND: Of laser.

WILL: Quit it! What is this? Hurt Will week!?

SUSAN: What part of duck don’t you understand?

WILL: What are you trying to…

SOUND: Of laser!

WILL: Ow! Ok, Now I am really starting to get annoyed!

SUSAN: I’m trying to hit the dragon and you are blocking me!

WILL: Why didn’t you say that in the first place!

SOUND: Of laser!


SOUND: Of laser again… and again…

SUSAN: Die dragon! Die!

SOUND: Of laser again and again and again.

SUSAN: (Maniacal laughter)

WILL: Susan.

SOUND: of laser.

WILL: Susan.

SOUND: of Laser.

WILL: Susan!

SUSAN: (Stops laughing) What? Oh, I’m sorry…

WILL: I think you got him.

SUSAN: I just didn’t expect to enjoy that as much as I did.

WILL: Uh huh…

THIRD DRAGON: Curse you…

SOUND: Of silly song and bonk again!

SUSAN AND WILL: (Both start laughing)

WILL: That is the coolest noise ever!

SUSAN: I know! I know! Yeah us!

Scene 6

SOUND: Of Heaven.

REPAIR ANGEL: As you can see your problem right there is just a lack of memory, but once I cleared all the…

MICHAEL: Yes, yes, just a second. You holy largeness, it turns out that Susan and her team has killed a second dragon leaving three! Only three left to go. And once the system is up and running we can tell you where the dragons are and go and get them.

SOUND: Of computer beep.

REPAIR ANGEL: And there they are.


REPAIR ANGEL: In the Garden of Eden.


REPAIR ANGEL: Are you ok?

MICHAEL: Where did you say the three dragons were?

REPAIR ANGEL: In the Garden of Eden.

MICHAEL: Did you just say…

REPAIR ANGEL: Garden of Eden… Are you ok?

MICHAEL: Garden of Eden as in, birthplace of all life on Earth.


SOUND: Of three people walking in (One that keeps bumping into things).

DANTE: We are back and all cleaned up. Watch out for Joseph though, he is still bumping into things. But I’m sure once we get his head back, he’ll… what is it?

REPAIR ANGEL: Don’t ask me, he is stunned by something.

MICHAEL: The dragons are in the Garden of Eden.

DANTE: (Stunned) Did you say The Garden of…

JENKINS: I hate you Michael! I really hate you!

MICHAEL: Shut up, Jenkins!

REPAIR ANGEL: What is everyone’s problem?

DANTE: If the dragons destroy the Garden of Eden, they can wipe out all life on Earth and all of human history.

REPAIR: Ah, now I see… That’s not good, right?



SOUND: Of a peasant village, like episode 5. Franklin is walking through it.

FRANKLIN: Ok, Benjamin, old boy, you escaped. You’re in this little medieval village and there is no dragons around. The dragon won’t kill you now. You are perfectly safe.. Just remember what you always say…

WITCH HUNTER: (Interrupts, shouting) A Witch! Another witch!

FRANKLIN: Oh dear.

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