Upon The Ground: Crash

Today, Green Spot Blue is sharing the second story from my short story collection, Upon The Ground. It is entitled “Crash” and can be found on their site via this link.

Here is a sample from the beginning of the story.


I was riding my mountain bike to class & it was Fall & the leaves were all over the lawns & the cars & the roads & while I rode down the hill the leaves would fly up behind me like a shower & I was late for class & I was 21 & I was single & I was wondering what was the point of my life BECAUSE all I did was spend my life reading great people’s work & I did nothing & nothing & nothing & I felt alone & when the leaves flew high behind me & my mind saw the sun peeking from behind a tree & a beam seemed to shine down on me & my empty feeling left me & I rode faster & faster & as I did my depression & my lack of satisfaction & emptiness left & I felt alive as the beam &  the hill carried me away on the leaves & I felt illuminated & I felt free….

Truly free….

I took a sharp right and turned my bike on to Fuller Street. I was a quarter of a mile away and I would have only been thirty minutes late if-

-That was when her car took an illegal turn and sideswiped me.

You can read the rest of the story here. I hope you like it.

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