UPDATE: So how many of you have seen the fake movie poster for WALT, a biopic on Walt Disney? (If you haven’t, you can see it here- http://www.cartoonbrew.com/disney/walt-by-pascal-witaszek.html). It’s been getting a lot of attention. Personally, I think this is entirely doable and I keep working out scenes and dialogue for it in my mind. If I was writing the screenplay, I would focus on his childhood and the early years of animation, stopping the film at the premiere of Snow White. The theme will be the idea of innovation, always striving to break new ground; and I would try to capture that energy he had around himself and projects then. I can even see a second film, that would follow the power and overwhelming responsibility of his empire and the peace he found at Disneyland. The sad thing is the fake poster has Akiva Goldsman on as a screenplay writer right now, and I think he is… terrible seems harsh, predictable and boring seems better… Well, after A Beautiful Mind I have really questioned his ability to write a good script, especially one true to the topic he is trying to capture. Whatever, it is a fake poster. What do you think?

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

I was not a Disney kid growing up; I became a fan of Mr. Disney as an adult.

It seems weird to say it, like I should be having my official “literary snob” business cards taken away, but this is one of my quirks (possibly embarrassing) and it was not something I was planning. I am a fan of the man and mainly that all stems from Disneyland.  Let me explain this better:

It was February 2000 and I had just moved from Michigan’s snowy winter to the surrealism that is Los Angeles. I was starting mid-term in the graduate program in writing at the University of Southern California, which definitely put me in an odd position. I was the new kid and many of the cliques were already formed in the autumn, when everyone else started. Plus, to be honest, programs like this are not exactly a place where…

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