UPDATE: OK, I have seen The Artist now and I want it to win. I also would like Midnight in Paris to win for Best Screenplay… While I still agree with this editorial, I still want to root for my favorite. Somehow I will have to find a way to look at myself in the mirror again.

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

The Oscars always make me feel a little queasy. Award shows in general around the arts make me feel that way.

Oh, I’ve won some writing awards (it’s the reason why my books MY PROBLEM WITH DOORS and MEGAN were published- they were both honored in a writing competition), and was very grateful, but it still feels odd to me. I have no problem telling someone that a story they have is great, for example, or another writer that their story needs work, but to say one is better than the other… there is that queasy feeling again.

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