The Dante Experience, Episode One

January was the first month where I focused more aggressively on my blog.  Well, today marks a milestone for me. I have had 500 unique views on the site for just this month!

To celebrate this first step, I wanted to share with you something special… The first episode from the radio series I wrote, The Dante Experience.

Here is the link where you can listen.

The series was first produced by Mind’s Ear Audio Productions back in 2001 and it is kind of a trip for me relistening to it. Yes, a few references are a little dated (I reference Sharon Stone, for example), but a lot of it holds up very well.

If enough people listen and like my sharing of this, I might share the rest of the episodes in the future. If you would like to listen more now, there are a limited number of copies still available at here. After that you will need to contact Mind’s Ear Audio Productions directly.

If I do share more episodes in the future, I’ll talk more than about the writing, its influences, and my goals for the series (It was originally envisioned as a trilogy and the second part was written, for example). Basically that decision will come from the response I get for this first entry.

Until then, I hope you enjoy the start of this trip to Hell.

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