Quoted in an article…

Hi, I’m quoted in an article on annarbor.com.  The article is called “The Quirk Classic Series: A Literary Homage or a Disrespectful Distortion.” For those not in the know, these are the series of books where “authors” take another (and far better) artist’s work and add a  “fantastical trick” to it so they can make a buck off of the other’s product.  And since the author is far dead, they won’t mind, right? (But wouldn’t it be great if Jane Austen could return as a zombie and attack the people that ruined her greatest novel?).

This is my quote from the article:

“They are actually using Austen’s words, and Jane was pretty protective of her writing. I can’t imagine she would be happy to have another author’s name like that on the book, nor the …intrusion of zombies…” says Scott D Southard, author of “My Problem with Doors.” “I like to think of these new ‘classics’ as the equivalent of a bratty child repeating what a parent says in a higher, squeaky voice… but on a literary, artistic level, of course.”

You can read the rest of the aticle here:

2 thoughts on “Quoted in an article…

  1. You gave me a great quote, thus allowing the article to write itself. Did I tell you about my new Quirk Classic idea–“An Intergalactic Space Station with a View?”Forster treated the Italians like strange and beautiful creatures from another world–turning them into aliens really isn’t much of a stretch!

    • Hi…. The thing about this, and could neutered my complaint is if Quirk Classics did two things.

      1. Track down the last known relative of the artist or the owner of the rights of the work (For example, Peter Pan’s rights is owned by a children’s hospital) and get their permission.
      2. Then share the profits.

      If they did those things, I would be in no place morally to complain… I still may question the artistic quality of it though.

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