A children’s book review I wrote is up on GreenSpotBlue.  Here is the beginning of the review:

I am not a PG-13 parent.  What that means is I believe “age appropriate” means something and is important.

I don’t want you to think I am a snob or super-protective, far from it. I try to be understanding about parents that make different parenting decisions. If you want your toddler to watch Avatar, that is fine, you are the parent (But seriously, do you think they can follow any of these older boys stories… really?); I’m just not going to make the same call with my son.

Yet, there are some things that a parent of a young child cannot hide from in today’s pop culture. The first is that superheroes are everywhere, and, as well, the TV shows, books, comic books, and movies created around them are made for 10-16 year old fans.

My son goes to a great day care and there, he and his friends talk about superheroes (not to mention that they are each wearing shirts emblazoned with their favorites’ logos); so when my three-year old began to ask questions about Batman and Superman, I spent days upon days going through books trying to find the best option for introducing these great characters.

You can read the rest of the review here.


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