Uses of This World

Denmark 1926. The world is on a powder keg, the old world is in conflict with the new, still recovering from World War I. Jazz and flappers. Cocktails and parties. In this tumultuous time, the king of Denmark is found dead… but his spirit is not at rest.

Uses of this World is the tale of the people around the events of Hamlet, from the soldiers to the royal family. Each is tied to the outcomes around the crown. And the country, as well as the world, is waiting to see what happens next.

“O, from this time forth my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth!”  –Prince Hamlet



Act I

Chapter 1: This Dead Hour

Chapter 2: Teach You to Drink

Chapter 3: Fear and Wonder

Chapter 4: World Take Note

Chapter 5: Things Rank

Chapter 6: Watchman to My Heart

Chapter 7: Father

Chapter 8: Son