A Taste of Austen

To those who are new to my blog (and hello), a big part of my writing life right now is trying to find a publisher or agent for my novel, A Jane Austen Daydream.

A Jane Austen Daydream was a labor of love, a project I had worked on and off of for over seven years. It was inspired by the idea of what Jane would have done if she could’ve rewritten her life as one of her novels, making this book both for newbies and Austenites.

Last year, I was honored to have the novel chosen to be shared via Green Spot Blue (a literary Web site). The links to the chapters can still be found via the A Jane Austen Daydream page above. In the past on this blog, I have debated myself around agents or not (I have a history with agents that make me a little nervous), created a query letter, and wrote about different possibilities for the work. Currently, I am sending out query letters again for the work to both agents and publishers. So if anyone knows an agent or publisher that might be interested, please feel free to share (Because honestly, nothing is more persausive and important than contacts in the arts; it is one of the reasons I recommend often for new writers to find opportunities to make contacts and friends in the writing community)… And speaking of sharing, I thought I would share a taste from the work.

This is the second chapter from the first volume. Previously, it was announced that a big ball is being planned to introduce Cassandra to society and possibly find her a worthy suitor, the only problem is her sister Jane has to come to the dance as well…

-Chapter 2-

From Volume I of A Jane Austen Daydream

To the residents of Steventon, she was known as the “other Ms. Austen.” So, when Jane was spoken about, it was in a manner such as this:

“Will the other Ms. Austen be attending?”

“Has the other Ms. Austen discussed the matter with her mother?”

“I try to avoid the other Ms. Austen when I see her, she does effect me so.”

Not to say that Jane was not liked in her hometown, if pressed a person would have a hard time finding anyone that disliked her or had any reason to dislike her, per se, it was just that she had something about her that was different. Continue reading

A Jane Austen Daydream… available for the time being…

A painting of Jane by her sister, Cassandra

While A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM is done with posts and chapters via Green Spot Blue, the complete novel is still available for the time being online.  You can find all of the links to the chapter (as well as exclusive introduction for the online publication) via the A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM page here-


My hope is for the book to find a home with a publisher and/or ebook publisher and I am actively pursuing  that direction with the novel (well, at least trying to, but we’ll see what happens… fingers crossed and all. You never know really what is going to catch the eye of a publisher or an agent).  When that hopefully occurs the page will probably need to be taken down.

I hope you enjoyed the book (or will enjoy it). For me it was a great pleasure writing the book and sharing it with you. Please, if you enjoyed the work, share it with a friend. If you wish to ever comment on the book or write to me, I do read posts and comments on this blog.

Thank you.