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Black Books Cover SUMMER SPECIAL (1)Hello everyone. My latest novel In Jerry’s Corner has been out for a month. Have you checked it out? What did you think? Uh huh? Really? You don’t say…

Anyway, it is discussed in the latest issue of Black Books ezine! You can snag a copy on Amazon (free for those with Kindle unlimited- those lucky, lucky people).



Okay, now for those that have not grabbed my latest novel, read it, or reviewed it… Well… I am looking at you and my eyes are doing that beady eye thing that scares my kids. You can grab a copy on Amazon here-

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Remember, it is free for Kindle Unlimited. For the rest of us it is incredibly well-priced (some would call it a steal… I will call it a steal) at $2.99 for ebook and $10.99 for the beautiful paperback copy.

I hope you will check it out… and check out the ezine… and tell a friend… and maybe throw me a review on Goodreads or Amazon… and buy it as a present for friends, family members, and enemies (it could help release tension).


Free for Kindle Unlimited! Grab a copy of my new book In Jerry’s Corner!

My new novel is available via right now! But for those with Kindle Unlimited they can snag a copy free right now!

On Amazon’s US Site–

On Amazon UK Site–

For the rest of us, the price is really great. $2.99 for the ebook and just $10.99 for the paperback (I’m a print guy, myself. It looks super great!)

Published by KGHH Press, In Jerry’s Corner is the story of a very unique friendship and the power of an individual to impact not only the people around them, but the universe. Here is the back cover description:

Ever since Jerry Sleight was a baby, Bill was there. Bill is tall, quiet, unblinking and green. He is in the northwest corner of every room Jerry visits and only Jerry can see him.

It might sound strange, but Bill is an alien from a planet without a name and his task is to watch a human life from beginning to end. But why he is observing Jerry, and what does he hope to see? Only Bill knows the true answers to the mystery.

Filled with laughter and surprises, Jerry’s days with Bill will represent all of humanity and the impact a life can have, not just on others but on an entire world and universe.

In Jerry’s Corner is about the importance of a single life… and the amazing green individual watching it all take place.

You can check out an excerpt on my website here.

Dusting the Bookshelf – Permanent Spring Showers

As we get closer to the release of my latest novel (In Jerry’s Corner) from Stargazing Publishing, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at some of my previous novels. This is my second entry in the series, the first discussed A Jane Austen Daydream (you can read it here). This time I take on my most recent release- Permanent Spring Showers

It is easy for writers to be dramatic. It’s in our blood. If you are a writer and not dramatic in how you interpret yourself and the world around you, chances are, you are probably doing something wrong and should consider different career options.

So when I look back at my life and each of my novels, I see stories; with beginnings (the initial ideas), first steps (the creation), struggles (getting them out to the world) and conclusions (reviews and what happens). Sometimes those are nice stories (A Jane Austen Daydream and The Dante Experience both jump quickly to mind), while others I would classify as tragedies.

Today I present my greatest tragedy.

So much possibility and all of my main characters are lying dead with nothing good coming out of the situation. I weep for them. They are buried now in unmarked paper graves and no one has any idea they were even alive.

See, Permanent Spring Showers is probably one of the best books I have ever written and it is out of print. It is a ghost in the literary world, without the strength of a Boo. It is a tragic death, that has happened too soon.

Listen everyone as I mourn the tragedy of a book lost to the masses! Welcome to my five-act literary tragedy, Permanent Spring Showers! (See what I mean about dramatic.)

Act One: There Was a Script…

While the death of Permanent Spring Showers was swift, ironically I had the longest literary life with that novel and its characters. It actually began when I was at grad school at Michigan State University back in the 90s. Then I dreamed of achieving a PhD in Literature. I would teach, be that smart professor that all of the young English majors look up to- imagine the English major version of Dr. Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. That was going to be me.

(Conclusion to that dream, I ended up running off to Los Angeles, and getting my Master’s in Writing instead from the University of Southern California.) Continue reading