“…hope remains.” Author Julia Barrett reviews MY PROBLEM WITH DOORS

My Problem With DoorsRomance/Fantasy author Julia Barrett has reviewed my time-travel adventure novel My Problem With Doors today (You can read it here). It’s an interesting review as she discusses why she likes my novel and compares it to others in the genre.  Here is an excerpt:

Jacob skips through time, much like Henry in The Time Traveler’s Wife, but while Henry couldn’t remember anything that hadn’t yet happened, Jacob grows and matures in a more linear fashion.  He remembers.  He learns.  Each jump, while it may propel him backwards in time, propels him forward as a human being.  From my perspective it makes him a more compelling character than Henry could ever be.  Where Henry was helpless, a victim of his genetic disability, Jacob is far from helpless.  He’s a survivor.

You can read more of the review here. I hope you will check it out and also my novel. I am proud of it, and like with most of my books, if I can promise anything it is that you will be surprised. You can find my book:

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