“I want you to see me at my worst first” An Excerpt from PERMANENT SPRING SHOWERS

Permanent Spring ShowersToday, I have the honor of sharing a selection from my new novel Permanent Spring Showers. This is the second excerpt that has appeared on the site (the first you can find by clicking here).  And stay tuned to the end, where there are links to where you can snag a copy of my latest novel.

This is from the second chapter in which you meet Steve, our romantic. And he wants you to meet him at his worst…

Chapter 2
The Restaurant Meeting, Part 2

I almost considered starting with “Call me Steve,” but I realized—even with my education primarily being in architecture—that was in literary terms, a bad idea. You don’t want a bar like that; I am not Ishmael. Not even close, and while there is something akin to a white whale in my hearty tale, there is no Ahab. I’ll get to the whale in a bit though, and there are harpoons thrown in a way.

So what does a person need at the start of a story?

Christ, I thought I would be better than this. Facts!

I am 24, I am trying to make a living as an architect, but if you spoke to the people in my office they wouldn’t believe it. They think I am training to make coffee all day or take notes at boring meetings or something. But really, that isn’t important.

Let’s see… my hairline is disappearing a little faster than I would have hoped by this age. Maybe that is not crucial information, but it does feel that way to me each morning after I shower. I live in a small studio apartment, nothing spectacular. Actually, it is so tiny and drab that I find it depressing to come home to each night, especially since Anna left.


Well, I am single, that feels more important than the hair or the apartment. Oh and it’s not by my choice, and that is important as well. Let’s get that out of the way. Continue reading