Book Review: Farsighted by Emlyn Chand

It’s a hard task when a writer decides to begin a book series.

There is really no more important book in the series than that first one and it can apply an extra burden on a writer’s narrative as they not only try to give you a solid story, but excite you enough to want to continue the adventures of the main characters, while giving you a feeling of closure and not closure at the end. Whew…  This is the task Emlyn Chand gave herself in her first young adult novel, Farsighted (Found on here), a possible five-book series.

There is a lot going for Farsighted.

For one, there is a very unique narrator, one that took me quite by surprise with a “Doh, why have I not seen, or thought, of this before!?” Frankly, the idea is, in my opinion, almost revolutionary for storytelling. Continue reading