The Trials of Self-Publishing: Why I Consider It a Last Resort

Self-publishing feels so easy… It feels so safe.

The sad truth of writing is that the fun aspect of creation is only really 10 percent of the work. The rest is the difficult and time-consuming work of marketing and promoting the manuscript to the publishing world. Query letters, writing conferences, agent meetings; that is the real work, and self-publishing takes all of that away… Just leaving the author with their creation and then publication and none of the hassle of the mess in between.

It all sounds like bliss.

Yet, the easy path is not always the right one, and for self-publishing that is just as true. While there are a few self-publishing success stories, there are a thousand unsuccessful stories to each successful one of books that appear on amazon and disappear into the vacuum that is a search engine never to be seen again.

Frankly, if an author wants success for their book, and success for their own future as a writer, self-publishing should be a last resort, to be only considered when all of the other avenues have been tried. Why? Well, I’ll get to that… Continue reading