For a limited time. My latest novel In Jerry’s Corner is only 99 cents for ebook!

Cover Art_SouthardIn a house on a dusty street, there was a quiet stranger.

Young Jerry Sleight never knew the stranger was there, nor did his parents. Of course, being only a few months old, little Jerry had no good reason to notice anything besides lights and the smile of his mother. For his parents though, the reason was basically that the stranger was invisible, hovering, and silent. And who looks for something unseen and unheard?

The stranger’s job was to observe and observe he did. He watched the parents feed, change, and fawn over the infant. He was there for each cry and each laugh. His time was passed floating in the northwest corner of the rooms, taking note of everything around Jerry (height, weight, reactions, etc.), watching as each day passed into another and another and another. Until a day came when the stranger decided to introduce himself…

Hey readers! Interested in reading something very new? Unpredictable? My latest novel In Jerry’s Corner is available as an ebook for only 99 cents for a limited time!

Published by KGGH Press, In Jerry’s Corner is the story of a life, but this is unlike anything else out there. I am really proud of this novel and the paths it takes. My aim in the book was to do something very different…and… well… you will have to check it out and see. And really for 99 cents, how can you say no? This is cheaper than most songs on iTunes, people!

On Amazon’s US Site–

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I can’t guarantee when this kind of sale will happen with the book again, but this is for a limited time. Grab a copy, buy it for a friend or a loved one. If you have read the book and liked it, please tell someone. I would love for more people to discover Jerry and Bill.

BillHere is the back cover description:

Ever since Jerry Sleight was a baby, Bill was there. Bill is tall, quiet, unblinking and green. He is in the northwest corner of every room Jerry visits and only Jerry can see him.

It might sound strange, but Bill is an alien from a planet without a name and his task is to watch a human life from beginning to end. But why he is observing Jerry, and what does he hope to see? Only Bill knows the true answers to the mystery.

Filled with laughter and surprises, Jerry’s days with Bill will represent all of humanity and the impact a life can have, not just on others but on an entire world and universe.

In Jerry’s Corner is about the importance of a single life… and the amazing green individual watching it all take place.

Thanks for reading and please snag a copy of my latest book! Cheers!


Check it- “I’ll Be Waiting” by Adam Emperor Southard at the Two Twelve Arts Center

I'll Be WaitingHi everyone! Got a drama recommendation for you if you are in the Michigan or Midwest area!

My brother, Adam Emperor Southard, has a new play opening at the Two Twelve Arts Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Produced by From Around Here Productions,  I’ll Be Waiting will run exclusively for one weekend in 2016, from January 7 through January 9. Here is the description of this new work.-

The evidence of violence is there: Crissy’s blood and fingerprints are on the steering wheel; her broken necklace is found at the crime scene; even her abandoned and torched car points to an attempted cover up. The only thing missing is Crissy. Sheriff Mills knows the longer he takes to put the pieces together, the less likely he is to find the young woman alive…if she’s alive. But as he sets about questioning those closest to Crissy, Mills discovers each lover, brother, and friend reveals a different dark side to the story surrounding Crissy’s disappearance, leaving him to doubt his own conclusions at the tragic end.   I’ll Be Waiting by Adam Emperor Southard is a suspense thriller about buried secrets, love, anger … and vengeance.

You can learn about my bro’s new work on the site for the theater company here. If you want to snag a ticket, you can do so by visiting this website. I hope to see you there! 

Dante, Tigers, & Tap-Dancing Demons, Oh My! Listen to THE DANTE EXPERIENCE

The Dante ExperienceDan Brown in his latest book, Inferno, thinks he knows Dante’s Divine Comedy.


Inspired by Douglas Adams’ The Hithchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series and Monty Python, the entire award-winning unpredictable and bizarre radio comedy series The Dante Experience is available to listen to online via soundcloud. All freaking 10 episodes! If you don’t know this work of mine, you are in for a treat. Listen below!

Produced and directed by Mind’s Ear Audio Productions, The Dante Experience follows a badly-managed attempt to instill a fear of the afterlife in the next generation of man. Robert and his friends were definitely the wrong young adults to choose for the tour, as his girlfriend dumps him for Mephistopheles the devil, his friend Susan forms an army with Julius Caesar to argue for the deads’ rights, and Steve seduces famous women throughout history. The afterlife is never going to be the same.

I hope you enjoy listening to my comedy series!

“…a great time.” A new book review for MEGAN

MeganHeidi from the book review site Definitely Not For the Birds has just reviewed my novel MEGAN! Here is an excerpt from her review:

I love the format of this book.  I’m sure most of us—as children or even now as adults—have made up worlds within our imaginations and spent hours daydreaming or play acting what occurs in our imaginary worlds.  Our protagonist, Megan, is stuck in a boring job, with coworkers she barely coexists with, with a boss she hates, and nothing interesting or exciting happening in her life.  She escapes this monotony and the dreary reality of her life by imagining the world of Prosperity.

You can read the rest of the review here. She ends the review by saying that she had a great time reading my novel.

If you would be interested yourself in reading MEGAN, you can find it in print via amazon here or as an eBook via the publisher’s website (here) and GooglePlay (here).

My Online Literary Experiment: Riding the Train

The Approaching trainOn this Friday I will be sharing Chapter 21 and I am, honestly, feeling more stress and pressure now around the writing of the book than I have ever before.

Wait… have I said that before? Whatever the case, I am on the train and we are flying down the tracks. Little animals beware!

Part of the stress might just be because I have to keep up this blog at the same time… and there is the matter of my new little book being released last week!

A Jane Austen Daydream(Oh didn’t you know? Here is a link for my info-

Yes, there is a lot going on and I feel it in my writing bones…

The Struggles

As I noted in my last update I am no longer ahead a week in my writing, which means Chapter 21 is still a work in process even today, but that is not my big problem. My big problem is that as I get near the end there is so much I want to do which means my chapters are getting long.

When I first began the experiment, I thought the chapters would always be between 10 and 15 pages, in the most. Well, that was thrown to the wind with the first 20+ page chapter emerged (Chapter 3).

Ah, Chapter 3… What did you do to me!?!

Continue reading

Episode Five of The Dante Experience

It is Friday and time for another trip to Hell. Here is Episode Five of The Dante Experience, the radio comedy I wrote that was produced by Minds’ Ear Audio Production. You can listen via this link:

You can catch up on the previous episodes via The Dante 3 page (link above). On The Dante 3 page you can also get more information where you can find the series.

Midwest Radio Theater Workshop

So I was busy into the writing of The Dante Experience, feeling like I had clear plan ahead of me for getting the work produced. Initally, I was more than happy with the idea of doing it on just the local Michigan State radio, I had no delusions of grandeur… yet.

Then I got the call from Joel Pierson and that changed in a hurry.

OK, to back up, I need to say something about myself and writing. See, at this point in my life I was always entering writing competitions- short stories, plays, screenplays, etc. If there was a competition and a reasonable fee for entry (not over 40 dollars) I would enter one of my work, cross my fingers and hope my check doesn’t bounce. Contests are a great way to build some name recognition and do something about the writing resume. Continue reading

The Dante Experience, Episode One

January was the first month where I focused more aggressively on my blog.  Well, today marks a milestone for me. I have had 500 unique views on the site for just this month!

To celebrate this first step, I wanted to share with you something special… The first episode from the radio series I wrote, The Dante Experience.

Here is the link where you can listen.

The series was first produced by Mind’s Ear Audio Productions back in 2001 and it is kind of a trip for me relistening to it. Yes, a few references are a little dated (I reference Sharon Stone, for example), but a lot of it holds up very well. Continue reading