This and the Other Thing: A Writing Update

Even Superman writes!So this is my life right now.

I got this book. I can’t really talk about it. I mean, it’s still being created. It’s fresh, still new, like a babe. Let’s call it SB for Secret Book. This book has taken over a good part of my daily thoughts, and I’ve spent the last few evenings just working on it.

SB has also entered my dreams. No seriously, I’ve had two dreams with it and both moments ended up in the book.

This is the part of writing that I love about writing. The pure joy of creation, not being bogged down in marketing, query letters (to agents and publishers), etc. Just me and a blank piece of paper. Nothing but possibility.

The only thing I can compare the feeling to is back when I used to play jazz. For me it was the saxophone (alto and soprano), and there is this wild feeling of freedom once you know a song and its chords. That confidence that you are on this, you are in control and you can take the song wherever you want. There is pure improv possibility at that moment. It’s a flash of lightning, controlled energy.

That… right there, is what putting together a first draft feels like for me. And I’m in the midst of it. That is the smile on my face.

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A Q and A with Deborah Kalb about new book Permanent Spring Showers

Splined_CanvasRecently, I gave an interview on author Deborah Kalb’s website about my new novel Permanent Spring Showers!

We talked about inspiration, the unique writing process I took with this literary fiction work, and the sparks behind the story. I hope you will check it out.

You can find the interview here. Thanks Deborah for the opportunity!

There is also a book giveaway still going on at The Booknatics. You can check out a book review and learn how to enter to win an autographed copy at their site here.

Permanent Spring ShowersPermanent Spring Showers was published by 5 Prince Books and is available on all online book retailers. Out in both print and eBook, you can find it on here. The eBook is on sale for only $3.99.

You can read a sample and learn more about the book via this page.

Need a book to read this weekend? Want to learn more about my new novel A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM?

Jane Austen talking to agents and publishersRight now I am suffering from a literary internet addiction. With the release of my new book A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM I can’t stop looking at and I want to know what people think of my new work. I know the book has only been out for a few days, but I can’t help myself. I want everyone to read this book! And I want everyone to like it. It’s kind of like the feeling of being dropped off at camp for the summer and wondering if you will have any friends.  Will you be my book’s friend? Please? I’m sure we have much in common.

Seriously though, if you would like to know more about my surprising, touching, and witty new book there are some great options out there for you.

  • Before the release of the novel, I gave an interview with the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. You can read that interview here.
  • Recently, author and book blogger Deborah Kalb interviewed me about the book on her site. You can check it out here.
  • I have written three different introductions to the book on this site over the last few weeks. The first dealt with having the courage to write the book (Braving Austen), the second was about finding the character of Jane (Visiting Austen), and the third was about how I wrote the book as a surprise for my wife (Austen in Stealth).
  • A Jane Austen DaydreamAlso, this week I shared an excerpt from it. It is from Volume II of the book and I think it introduces the character of Jane and the style of the book in a very fun way. You can read that here.

A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM is being sold exclusively through It is availale for $3.99 as an eBook and only $13.46 in print. You can buy the book via this link-

I hope you enjoy my new novel.

Interview With Deborah Kalb on A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM

Me and the proof copy of my bookToday, Deborah Kalb, author and blogger, has up an interview with me about my just released new novel A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM. You can read the interview here. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

While Jane Austen is the main character and it is a treasure trove for Jane Austen fans, I don’t want people to think this book is only for Austenites. Not at all. If it was, well, then it wouldn’t be my book. There is a lot more going on here.

Yes, there is romance in the book, but it is also very witty, touching and filled with literary experiments. I like to believe there is something in it for everyone.

You can read the rest on the interview on her site by clicking here.

A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM was published yesterday by Madison Street Publishing. It is available exclusively via where it is priced at $3.99 for the eBook and $14.99 for the print version. You can visit the amazon page for the book here.

Thanks for reading!