“…lingering with a smile.” A new review for A JANE AUSTEN DAYDREAM

Sense and SensibilityBook blogger Irene Sauman recently reviewed my novel A Jane Austen Daydream on her site.

Here is an excerpt from this very cool review:

A Jane Austen Daydream by Scott D. Southard is a story Jane could have written herself, about some other character. It captures the period and the style perfectly. Southard is clearly very familiar with Jane Austen’s novels as  little phrases and characters from them pop up, and the characters of Jane, her sister Cassandra and their mother fit the Bennet profile…

This is a lovely read, well written, with intelligence and humour, holding you from beginning to end, and lingering with a smile and a feeling of satisfaction at the happy ending for one of our favourite authors. How much nicer to think of Jane Austen living on for us like the characters she so cleverly created.

You can read the entire review on her site here. I hope you will check it out. Spoiler Warning! If you have not read A Jane Austen Daydream yet she does give away the plot as well as some of the big twists in it. Consider yourself warned!

A Jane Austen DaydreamPublished by Madison Street Publishing, A Jane Austen Daydream can be purchased in print ($13.46) or as an eBook for the outrageously low price of $3.99 for Kindle. You can find it on Amazon here (http://amzn.com/B00CH3HQUU).


A Jane Austen DaydreamThis is a part of getting my book published I was not expecting and it’s kind of fun. My publisher is giving away items related to my new book!

This month two lucky readers can win A Jane Austen Daydream poster. I think it is a great cover and would be a neat addition in any classroom or nearby bookshelves (or, dare I dream, in a Jane Austen museum???)

To enter, please visit the Facebook page for the book here (https://www.facebook.com/AJaneAustenDaydream?ref=ts&fref=ts) and click on the giveaway button after clicking on the like button. It is as easy as that.

If you haven’t picked up the eBook yet for A Jane Austen Daydream, you can find it here:

The paperback is coming in a few weeks. I hope everyone is enjoying the daydream… Cheers! And, as always, thanks for reading!