“The Power of Springtime” a Guest Post on Andi’s Book Reviews (Book Tour Day 2)

"Morning on the Seine in the Rain" by MonetGet on the bus! It’s day 2 of my book tour!

Yesterday, it was a guest post at the Long and Short Review with some writing advice for newbies (You can check it out here). Today, it is something a little different.

On Andi’s Book Reviews, I take on one of the silent characters in my novel Permanent Spring Showers. Oh, the season might be silent, but it plays an important part in the work and the inspiration behind it. Here is the beginning of my post “The Power of Springtime: Setting the Stage for Permanent Spring Showers”:

When you grow up in Michigan, you feel the seasons.

I know, everyone in different states will argue with me on this one, but we hit all the hallmarks in our mitten of a state, each time, each year. Snow in winter, check. Leaves in autumn, check. Summer at the beach, check.

It’s all here!

And when you grow up in such a setting, chances are your emotions will start to attach something to each of them. In autumn, I am reflective. It is a time for remembering. In summer, a little hyper and full of excitement. I’m usually more daring during those three months. And in winter, I always feel more peaceful, quiet like a light snowstorm. But, in spring, I get edgy.

Spring in Michigan is unpredictable.

You can’t help but feel that in the very air you breath. It’s almost as if the world can shift on a dime. It’s moody. It’s a time of change, of rebirth (but into what?). And when I set out to find a time period for the story that became Permanent Spring Showers, I couldn’t think of a better season. Because like the season, my story is passionate, unstable, dramatic, comedic, and never the same from chapter to chapter.

You can read the entire post here.

There is also a brief excerpt from my new novel, as well as a giveaway that will be Permanent Spring Showersrunning throughout the tour to win a copy of the book. But this is really cool…

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Blog Tour for New Book Permanent Spring Showers (May 18-29)! Posts, Interviews, and Giveaways!

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This book tour is through Goddess Fish and is being done by my wonderful publisher 5 Prince Publishing. Here is the schedule (with links).

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