“Awesome… anything but ordinary” Booktalk with Eileen reviews Permanent Spring Showers

Paint CansSo than this happened…

My latest novel Permanent Spring Showers just got reviewed by Booktalk with Eileen (which you can check out in full here). This is one of those reviews I used to dream of as an author. There is first this:

Marvelously wrought, Mr. Southard! What an awesome story, woven meticulously perfect until it all comes together where the reader and the actors of this story have their day of reckoning.  It was one of those stories I could see read by an English Literature class and discussed for the many things it tells us about people, their motives, their fantasies, their obsessions, their human spirit.

And this:

Mr. Southard, once again you have taken my breath away.  I couldn’t believe you could write anything as good and soul enriching as A Jane Austen Daydream.  I was wrong.

And then there is this:

There were moments of chuckling, moments of tears, moments of incredulity.  The story gives us hope, the human spirit has no bounds, where the ending could very well be a new beginning, a new direction in life. Grasp it my readers, for nothing is more spectacular and mysterious as the human mind and what it is able to achieve.

You can check out the full review here. (I think I’m going to be smiling for days about this one.)

This is a great time to grab a copy of my latest work. The eBook is only $3.99! You can find it on Amazon herePermanent Spring Showers is published by 5 Prince Books. You can also find out more about it (and read an excerpt) on this page on my site.

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An interview with Books Direct about new novel Permanent Spring Showers (Book Tour Day 9)

Even Superman writes!Just two days left on the book tour, which also means the book giveaway is coming to an end. You can enter on any of the sites I have been on over the last two weeks. Today, I’m on Book Direct with a new interview.

What is really cool is that Lynda Dickson who runs the site is actually reading the book right now and gave this update before my interview:

I have started reading this book and am enjoying it immensely. It’s like nothing I have read before. The plot and structure are extremely original and the writing is superb.

That quote kind of made me feel like the guy I put up in the corner of this post.

We cover a lot of the writing and inspiration behind the novel in the interview. It is chock full of my experiences and advice since I began this mad little writing adventure.  One example is this answer I gave around my hopes for the work:

There are a lot of layers to Permanent Spring Showers and none of the answers are very clear since it only covers three months in the characters’ lives. It really, in a way, is a book made for book clubs and the classrooms and discussions over coffee. What does it mean to be a good person? What is a good decision? Does great art truly justify everything? What is love? Is anyone truly happy?

Heck, I love books like this, works that dare readers to come to their own decisions, not having them dished out in a nice clean spoonful. What can I say? The book makes me happy. Hopefully, it will inspire its readers as well.

You can read the entire interview, enter the giveaway, check out other reviews, and take a gander at an excerpt here.

This was the ninth appearance on the book tour and the third interview (the other two can be found here and here). I have also written six guest posts on the book. They are on a range of topics from how it feels to write an anti-romance (here), eccentric characters (here), then about passion and sex in the book (here), the importance of springtime (here), and even some advice for new writers (here).Permanent Spring Showers

Hey! Did you know there is a sale on the book right now!?! Just for the tour, the eBook of Permanent Spring Showers is on sale! Just $1.99, it can’t get cheaper than that! So there is no better time to grab a copy. You can find it on amazon for Kindle here and for the NOOK here.

“The Beauty of Eccentrics” A Guest Post on The Crafty Cauldron (Book Tour Day 5)

Hey, Harry is reading!Okay, if the website The Craft Cauldron is not somehow related to Harry Potter and the Leaky Cauldron, I’m going to be disappointed. Back during the heyday of Pottermania I was a regular visitor to The Leaky Cauldron for all my Harry Potter news. I was even a devout follower of Pottercast (totally miss that podcast)… Okay, where was I?

It’s day five of my book tour for my new novel Permanent Spring Showers! Today I am on The Crafty Cauldron (which may or may not be Potter-related). One of the things that I think really make my book standout is the characters. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of them. They are unpredictable, strange, and wonderful, .

This guest post is entitled, “The Beauty of Eccentrics: The Characters in Permanent Spring Showers“. Here is an excerpt from the beginning:

To begin with, I’ve been known to hear voices.

I blame old time radio shows for this. When I was a young teenager, I was strangely addicted to them. The repeats used to play on this AM station in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Who knows? I may have been the only person in the whole listening area sitting by the radio with a ready tape deck, but I collected as many as I could. Jack Benny, Sherlock Holmes, Charlie McCarthy (a ventriloquist on the radio? How does that work?), I soon had a collection of shows filling up three tape cases.

I admit this is not something I readily told my friends then (like all awkward teenagers I did want to seem cool), but listening to those shows were almost more than just entertainment for me. In many ways they were each little lessons on finding original voices.

When I finally began to dare to dream of being a novelist, I know this time snuck its way into my own writing style. See, dialogue is always key for me in creation (sometimes it will be the foundation for an outline at the start of the writing process); and my characters, much like the ones on the old shows, speak to me.

You can read the entire post here, as well as enter for the giveaway and check out an excerpt from the novel.

This is the fifth entry in the tour. Yesterday, I gave an interview (here). This is the fourth guest post. The others are about passion (here), spring (here), and my advice to writers (here). Permanent Spring Showers

Just for the tour, the eBook of Permanent Spring Showers is on sale! It is on sale for only $1.99. So there is no better time to grab a copy! You can find it on amazon for Kindle here and for the NOOK here.

An interview with Lisa Haselton about my new novel Permanent Spring Showers (Book Tour Day 4)

SaxophoneToday,. as part of the book tour around my new novel Permanent Spring Showers, I am in being interviewed on Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews.

We discuss the book, the arts and writing; heck, I even talk about my love of jazz music. This was my answer to “As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

One of my fantasies was to be a jazz artist. I dreamed of being the next Coltrane or Parker (I played alto and soprano saxophone). I even got into college on a jazz scholarship. But there was a moment when I realized it wasn’t in me. I was just repeating myself and I was not getting a thrill out of my solos anymore. Basically, I had nothing to say anymore with the instrument, but I did have a lot to say with the pen.

You can read the rest of the interview on her site here.

This is the fourth entry in the tour. I have already had three guest posts on the work for you to check out. There is the one about passion (here), spring (here), and my advice to writers (here). I hope you are enjoying the tour!Permanent Spring Showers

Just for the tour, the eBook of Permanent Spring Showers is on sale! It is on sale for only $1.99. So there is no better time to grab a copy! You can find it on amazon for Kindle here and for the NOOK here.

“Artists, Sex, and Inspiration” A Guest Post on Queen of All She Reads (Book Tour Day 3)

KissDay 3 of 10! This is my third guest post on the book tour for my new novel Permanent Spring Showers.  I have already had two different guest posts for the tour (you can find links here and here). I’ve spoken about writing and spring, now for something a little… different.

Today, I am on Queen of All She Reads discussing the arts and… well… sex. The post is entitled “Artists, Sex, and Inspiration: The Importance of Passion in Permanent Spring Showers.” Here is an excerpt from the beginning:

Vince is a charismatic young painter. He can lose days lost in inspiration. His hands are usually covered in paint or clay, and his clothes may be stained with work and sweat. And yet, even then he still looks good, because of the charisma and passion and inspiration propelling him forward. Vince has an energy most of us can only dream of.

Vince lives each day to the fullest. Carpe diem has nothing on Vince. Life is almost as much a work of art as the creations that drive him. A day with Vince is a day lost in ideas, theories, deep conversations, and art. It could almost be considered a mini-vacation from the stress of everyday life.

Vince is sexy, with his intense eyes and unwavering convection on everything. Many women in the new novel Permanent Spring Showers are fascinated with him (as well as one of the men). Some act on it, some regret that they acted on it, and others won’t even admit to dreaming about him. Still it is there.

You can read the rest of the post here.

There is also a brief excerpt from my new novel, as well as a giveaway that will be Permanent Spring Showersrunning throughout the tour to win a copy of the book. Wait! Hold the phone… or iPhone… or browser…

The eBook of Permanent Spring Showers will be on sale during the tour! It is on sale for only $1.99. So there is no better time to grab a copy! You can find it on amazon for Kindle here and for the NOOK here.


My new novel, Permanent Spring Showers, to be published by 5 Prince Books (October 2014)

5 Prince Books

I’m really excited to announce that I have recently signed a contract for my new novel, Permanent Spring Showers, to be published by 5 Prince Books!

The tentative release date is October 2014.

I’ll do my best to keep everyone informed of the process as this moves forward. I can’t wait to share my new novel with each of you!